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By josiemarie12

just another promise,
just another lie,
well i can't take it anymore,
it's time to say good-bye,
so i take my razor,
and i take my wrist,
i press harder and harder,
it goes deeper and deeper,
blood spills onto the floor,
but i keep doing it,
until i feel no more.

i miss being the one you held in your arms.
i miss being the one listening to your voice at 3 am.
i miss being the one looking into your eyes for hours.
i miss being the one to feel your lips.
i miss being the one you say you love.
i miss you.
come back love.

wishes are hopes,
hopes are dreams,
guess what.
dreams aren't reality.

so i won't stop lying, won't stop dying, if you want i'll keep on crying.

love is heaven & hell.

cause i don't wanna wait forever,
be hurt everyday,
fly for an hour,
then be left with nothing but a feather.

the heart feels what the mind does not understand.

what goes around comes around, but the good guy never wins.

no one really dies a virgin cause life fucks us all.

and all i think about is how to make you think of me, and everything that we could be..

in the end,
after all the fights,
after all the tears,
after all the restless nights,
after all the bloody wrist,
after all the broken promises & lies,
after all this suffering,
i still love you.

to hell with my pride, let it fall like a tear from my eyes tonight

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18 Dec, 2010

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