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You know what makes you feel like trash
When someone is broken and you know it
Yet you can't do nothing to help them

When someone asks you if this makes you sad or grosses you out
And you know the answer is yes, but you just don't feel it
Even when its mutilated puppies crawling to their mommies
Pictures are included so you know exactly the images mentioned

Yes thats a graphic image
Yes ask anyone else and they might vomit
And yes i'm not suppressing any emotions just so you know

You can try to get me to feel what you feel
I'll nod along and say sure to make it seem that way
I really don't feel the slightest bit of empathy though

You can share as much sad and depressive stuff as you can stomach
It won't change my demeanor though

Here we go:

Your parot's dead
Your failing classes
Your missing limb story

Come on lets up the anty
No, I'm not being rude or insesitive
You just said you'd try to get me to legitmatly feel something

Now what?

Your papa beats your mother?
Your brothers an addict?
Your best friend hung himself in the attic?

Sorry I'm still static
I'm not sure if I can be called human no more

I try to feel these 'emotions'
they just won't show though
If they are locked up
it must be in Fort Knox
key incinerated and spread to the sea

I don't know why I can't feel them
My best friend passed
I didn't feel nothing
Not the day of
Not today 5 months later

Maybe it just wasn't personal enough
Perhaps I just have none
It does suck though
It feels like an addiction you need to fix
Just without any exposure to it

If you've ever wanted to have no empathy
Listen to me when I say, no you want that
Cause without it you feel alienated
Like you shouldn't have been created
And if you dwell on your lack of emotion to much
insanity starts caving in
demanding to be let into your mind

You'll find out soon enough
that if you shun your feelings for to long
The words i speak to be true
and that being stone cold isn't any fun

Author Notes: Reviews are always welcome no matter how critical.

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About This Story
31 May, 2018
Read Time
1 min
5.0 (1 review)

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