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End of love

End of love

By numan

She dumped me.
She, she did it right there and then. I’ve never felt so discarded in my life. She smashed my heart into tiny, pitiful, bits.
.She hurt my feelings, my soul, my spirit, my manhood, my humanity and my entire being. How cruel.

And she did it gladly too. She cat-walked around me, holding her tight hips in a lustrous manner, while giving me a sideway look that nearly melted me. Then she asked. “What r u looking at boy.” I was lovingly staring at her when she said that. My ears heated up instantly. I blushed and shifted my gaze down onto a gutter that happened to be where I was standing. Cruel girl.

To add insult, she vigorously swung her booties as she walked away from me and climbed into a brand new BMW that was waiting for her. As she left, she said. “These goods have upgraded. They be too good for you now.”

I am now seated at home nursing my injured pride. On my right hand I am holding a ring she gave me. On my left hand I am holding a six kilogram engineering hammer. I want to hammer that ring senseless, crush it into oblivion and maybe feel a bit better.

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15 Sep, 2011
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1 min
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