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End of War pt.2

End of War pt.2

By Teddie

The council continues to argue in the matter of David. He had helped them kill the tyrant Waxin Shea, but now plans his own rebellion. "We need to make him think there is someone is more harmful to him than us." said Romajin.
"Capitan how do you suppose we do that. We can't go through another war, we still haven't pay off our efforts from Waxin's rebellion." said the governing Viceroy of the land of Terra. Many people had their side of the argument. There was the Angi group who said they had to try and gain David's trust. Then there is the Oppug group who wanted to take him down by force. Romajin had become a high supporter of the Oppug.
"We cannot lie to him. He is smarter than that. He will find out and that will only enrage him more." regarded General Smith. General Smith had become a strong alley to David and started the Angi to save him. "We have enough people knowing at us as it is. If he can help suppress a rebellion then he can protect us from our enemies." continued General Smith.
Reginald Walters leader of the Oppug group stood up to counter the General's proposal. "General you have served us well, but this is not a military concern. This a discussion about the safety of the people..." the General interrupts him.
"Pardon me. But that's what I said. He is one in a million type of soldier and could serve and protect the people of Terra."
David had protect many small nations from superior invaders before. Once in Decucti a small settlement north of Terra David held off an army of 500,000 with only 60,000 men. The people of Deducti had far less superior weapons of any kind.
"What if he turns on us? He would become an even greater threat than he is now." said Reginald. "If he wanted to help us he wouldn't being waging war on us right now."
General Smith noticed how the people in the council are slowly turning towards Reginald's view on David.
The next day General Smith took a walk to a small unnamed village and looked for David. He figured if he could sway David to join them and come to Terra and tell the people he was there for them then the council will not attack and imprison David. After asking directions for an hour and a half the General had found the house. He knocked on the door. A couple seconds later David opens it. "Hey, Smith, what's the pleasure I have today?" he asked smiling.
"I'm sorry to intrude but I need you to reconsider your approach toward Terra. There is a debate whether to attack you or make you an alley." explained Smith. David lets Smith in and they sit on David's couch. "I'm guessing you want me to be an alley." said David.
"Only for your own safety."
David thins for a second before shaking the General's hand. "Don't think I'm going to be some kind of push over now." Smith smiles and shakes his.
The next day the Angi and Oppug meet again to resume debate. Reginald starts the debate off. "David may have helped us before, but he was probably studying our strategy and weaknesses. As the General has said he is a one in a million type of man." General Smith rises as Reginald sits down. "I have stood in this building to debate a man's destiny. But it's not my, nor Mr. Walters, or anyone's decision except David's. It is my esteemed pleasure to present him in front of you all right now."
David enters the council room and murmurs arise through the room. Romajin stand on guard with one hand on his pistol that attached to his belt. David looks around the room some people are scared others are interested in what he has to say. Then the room finally settles and David begins his speech.
To be continued...

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1 Feb, 2013
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3 mins
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