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End of War pt.3

End of War pt.3

By Teddie

"People of Terra, I come before you because I have heard you are debating what to do with me. Imprisonment, attack me, even stand by my side." started David. "But I do not wish to fight you. Yes, I disagree with those in power here. But you haven't hurt anyone in years and in my eyes changing into a stronger nation. I have helped you suppressed the Waxin Shea rebellion, that has hurt you economically. You don't want war, neither do I." David paused and looked around the room. "If you believe that I am your biggest threat then you are not looking with your eyes. But speaking out of your ass. rn There are gasp around the room. "Mr. David we do not use that language in this facility." said the Viceroy of Terra.rn "I'm sorry Viceroy. But you cannot be focused on just one man and let the real problems sneak by and crack and crumble a nation suppose to be moving forward. So I ask you, leave me be, please I am of no harm. I fight when I am needed and right now I am not needed." David steps down and leaves the Council room. It is silent for a moment. Before the Viceroy speaks up. "I am glad that he had come to give his way in. He is right we need to stop over reacting to the situation and rebuild our economy. "rn Everyone exits the room as the Viceroy returns to City Hall to meet with advisors from the capital of Caput. The Viceroy sits in his chair with the advisors stands in front of it. "Viceroy, we come to you to tell you that Mr. Moore himself will be coming on Sunday to congratulate you on victory. Then discuss with you and us about raising taxes in Terra to get your money back for education and jobs cites." said one advisor. The Viceroy nods and the advisors leave.rn Back in the unnamed village General Smith and David celebrate their success in getting David from having to go through anything. David pours some wine for himself and Smith. "I can't thank you enough for saving me." said David. rn "Honestly, I'm glad I was able to get us back on track to get back to where we were before all this." replied General Smith. rn Sunday came around and everyone knew that the President Mr. Moore was coming and they were excited. In the afternoon the President's speech was starting. "Terra, you have shown great spirit and courage. Not only saving yourselves but me, your fellow people of the Moore Rule. That includes me. Your humble leader. But your courage must not be forgotten, as are the names of whom who had lost their lives during this period of rebellion." said President Moore. "For their bravery we will honor them by creating a memorial, a shrine for those who died for you to see the light of day. Their names shall be engraved in the memorial so that they will always be remembered. As individuals, as humans who walked this earth to serve and protect the ones they love." President Moore takes a moment of silence. Afterwards he steps from the podium and walks into City Hall followed by many guards, the two advisors, and the Viceroy. rn They all stand except for the president. "Viceroy, good to see you. Now let's talk about the future of Terra for a second." started the President. To Be Continued...

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1 Feb, 2013
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3 mins
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