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End of War pt.4

End of War pt.4

By Teddie

The President opens his mouth when the Viceroy interrupts him. "I know you're not happy but... I stopped Waxin and his army. Doesn't that count for anything."

There is a long silence President Moore look on the Viceroy. "You do not stop the rebellion. A foreigner did. A possible future enemy had to fix our problem. Do you know what that makes us look like." The Viceroy puts his head down in shame and embarrassment. "I'm sorry, but, I'm replacing you with someone who knows who to trust and can beat invaders without any outside help."

The next day the Viceroy comes in to pick up the last of his things in his old office. When he walks in he sees people remodeling the office. "What is going on here?" said the Viceroy in outrage.

"Oh, Hank you were coming back. Do you have any words of encouragement for the new Viceroy of Terra." said Reginald Walters.

"I just came for some of my things I left behind." Reginald goes behind the desk that still remains in the room and pulls out a box. "Might this be it." Hank nods his head and takes the box, he turns to leave when Reginald stops him. "Hank, I want you to know we the people of Terra are greatful for your service." he said in a snarky tone. Hank leaves without looking back.

In the unnamed village David sits at his dining room table eating breakfast. When he gets a knock at the door. He goes to answer it and sees a Terra soldier. The soldier gives him a paper. David reads it aloud.
"The new regional governing Viceroy has ordered you to surrender your efforts against Terra... or we will... What's this all about?1? I thought I cleared that I am not a threat to you."

"There has been a change and our top leaders and advisors see you as a massive threat to our society. You have two days to get as far away as possible." said the soldier. David slams his door.

Two days later Captain Romajin and two other soldier come to David to make sure he his going without any resistance. As they approach his house David is all ready packed. "What now!" he snapped.

"We're just here to make sure you go with peacefully." said Romajin. "As soon as you leave we'll be on our way. So go on." David turns and stops. He thinks about his options for a second and looks back at Romajin and the two soldiers. "I said go on." said Romajin. David puts down his bags and Romajin pulls out his gun and points it at David.

"I said go."

To Be Continued...

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6 Feb, 2013
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2 mins
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