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End of War pt.5

End of War pt.5

By Teddie

David stands his ground as Romajin pionts his gun at him, finger on the trigger ready to take care of the future 'threat' of Terra. The two soldiers behind Romajin ready as well. "What's going on over there Romajin?" he asked.

"Just go." he said curtly. David looks at him taking a step forward. "You are pushing it." David looks at him not taking a look anywhere else. People in the village start watching out their windows or they were already outside and watched from their yards.

"Why am I a number one threat. I haven't even made an effort to do anything to Terra and now... now I'm being removed from my home. My home that is not even in Terra itself." he said. "Even you Romajin, know this is wrong." David turns and picks up his bags as he walks away.

Meanwhile at the City Hall in Terra the new Viceroy Reginals Walters sits at his desk talking to advisors from the capital of Caput. When his doors fly open, General Smith storms in with two armed guards following. "Reginald! You have taken things to far. I thought we settled that David was not a threat to us!" he screamed. "The Angi have no idea what they could be doing!"

Reginald tells the advisors that he will talk to them later as they leave the room. "What are we doing wrong? Nothing. That's the answer, we're helping the people of Terra feel safer because if they don't feel safe then we lose control of everything and the country of Terra will crumble." Smith takes a seat across from Reginald. "Making him move farther away isn't sloving anything. Infact if he were thinking of rebelling then why would you want him farther when you could spy on him. Even so he is not a threat and I'm tired of repaeting my self!"

General Smith gets up and goes for the door. "It's Viceroy now by the way." said Reginald. Smith didn't listen though he raced out of City Hall. Reginald watches Smith from a window in his room. A guard stands behind him.

"I want General Smith dead. He is jeopardizaing the Angi's plan."

"Yes, sir."

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17 Apr, 2013
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1 min
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