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End of War

End of War

By Teddie

It had come down to this. Just three men going all out for the security of the land of terra. Rain falls hard as the terrain turns into mud. David holds a pistol with one bullet left and sword. While Romajin holds only a sword. Their predecessor Waxin Shea holds only a sword also. All of them are huffing and puffing out of breath from the battle that transpired just moments ago.

"You have to give up this game Waxin. Your army has been crushed and it's two on one." panted David.

"I shall kill you for your heresy against the Moore Rule." Romajin looks over at David and kicks him hard in his chest. It knocks him down and dazes him badly.

"That's what I'm talking about, Romajin. The Moore Rule is not at all powerful we can take it down...together." enticed Waxin.

But Romajin didn't listen and kept charging after him. Waxin knew that there was no changing his mind. The sword clashed as steel against steel thundered across the muddy landscape. Waxin blocks one more shot and quickly turns and slices one of Romajin's legs. He falls to one knee roaring in pain. "I'm disappointed in you Romajin. I thought a man of such ranking and bulk figure would present a challenge." Waxin lifts his blade as Romajin looks on without a fighting chance. BAM!!! With a sudden shot Waxin falls into the mud with blood coursing out of his stomach. Romajin shocked looked behind him. He saw David standing there with his pistol pointing where Waxin stood. He drops his pistol as it's no more of use to him.

"You saved me." said Romajin.

"I didn't do it for you, nor for the flippin' Moore Rule. For all I care they could fall, I wouldn't give a damn." David replied.

"But you helped the Moore's defeat Waxin. You fought for his army." David walks next to Romajin. "I did all that because there was someone worse than them. So I granted to help. But if I think someone is better... I'll make sure they win." To be continued...

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31 Jan, 2013
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1 min
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