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Endangered Species

Endangered Species

By AmberlyEyre

Have you ever watched Nemo? The clownfish, who has a friend who are sea turtles? They're names our Crush and Squirt. That's in a movie. But in real life, there are sea turtles out there that are endangered. There are fish that are trapped in nets. I'm not saying that the ocean is like a never ending crime scene. No, I'm telling you that once upon a time, a very distant memory in the back of our heads, remember reading about the pool of turquoise water where fish swam and crabs roamed and Ariel from the Little Mermaid danced with her friend Flounder. Those were the days, which were childhood. Now there are people, who want to make those memories reality, they want every child to be able to go on a ship, sail away, and have those vivid trips of seeing schools of fish and hefty beluga whales. Many places have almost fulfilled that dream. Sea World. A brilliant place in Orlando, Florida where you could see Shamu, the orca whale. There are so many places that help us. We just need more.

Let me tell you about the blue whale. A beautiful creature. It swims swiftly and it contains blubber. Blubber is like fat. Blubber is kind of like butter, if you think of it. Now, us humans, us people are hunting down these whales for their blubber. Now you might think, "I don't want any blubber!", but some do, many do. But what do they do with blubber? Well...sorry ladies but, blubber is sometimes used to make, lipstick, lip-gloss, lotion and perfume. That's why the blue whale is endangered and close to extinction because some of these products are a necessity in life, which is why buying ecofriendly products makes a very big difference in our environment. There aren't as many cosmetics that use whale blubber. But here's a positive aspect of this dilemma; since spring in 2010, the death of whales decreased dramatically. Plus the United States passed out MMPA; Marine Mammal Protection Act, which guarantees immediate arrest if anyone is caught, killing, harming or harassing any marine mammals which includes the whale. Change is good, as you can see.

A very popular animal which is the harp seal is also endanger. Many people love harp seals. Why? Because they're cute and cuddly! They may be cute, but they're not going to be cuddly for long. In some places like Greenland, when it's hunting season, hundreds of harp seals will be killed each day. But the positive side of things is they're born in a quicker rate, however no one enjoys death, so when you can, take a stand for those adorable plushies on sale.

Now after hearing about the harp seal, you're going to hear something even more outrageous. To some people the sea otter is the most endangered species in the world, this is why. Even though those stuffed otters that you buy from Walmart are so adorable, the truth isn't. Oil spills when major companies are drilling and hunting for their furs. Sadly hunters hunt otters because the sea otter is a carnivore and feeds off on smaller fish. So what am I going to say about this? Love. Love the otters. Tell a friend, "Hey aren't sea otters awesome?", and hopefully the world will make a change, or you could be like me and use a pen or in this case a computer instead of a sword. Quote from The Mother Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel Frederick, "The pen is mightier than the sword."

Author Notes: I hoped you liked it! :3
This is part of my story, Ocean.
I'm submitting it for Young Authors!

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17 Nov, 2013
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2 mins
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