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I am what’s known as a keeper. I tame and care for the pets that my master collects. It’s not a slave-owner situation, but I am his servant, I do what he wishes. His pets have a wide range. Anything from a small golden Wyrm to a large red TerrorHawk, but I never expected something so huge to be lying down next to the stable where he kept his saddled pets.

A very, very large Death Creeper laid down. By very large, if you take a full-on castle, that is around the same size as a Death Creeper. I believed they never existed, but this one is staring right at me. Its large eyes were black with red iris and a white pupil. Its scales were jet black. It had very large wings, and had a similar body shape to a Wyrm, but had two sets of wings and three sets of legs. It looked at me with its eye curiously. I couldn’t tell if it was here to rest, kill me, or eat the mount-able animals.

It lifted his head up a little to have its snout par with my head. It stared at me with its huge eyes before resting his snout on top of my head. I stood there in shock. These creatures were known to destroy civilizations for fun, and devour kingdoms for food.

It stood up on its legs, all the way stood up. I had to tilt my head back just to get a glimpse of its head. It flapped its large, bat like wings once, before shooting off into the air. I saw it fly higher and higher, until it eventually zoomed off into the distance. I was completely perplexed. I looked back down to where it was. Trees were flattened and part of the stable was dented, but it left a single, yellow egg. The egg was a lot smaller, and was only the size of me. The new creature wouldn’t be the same size, but would still be something to be reckoned with.

I slowly moved the egg away from the stable. It took hours, but if master found out about it, he would poison it. They weren’t dumb creatures. They knew emotions. I arrived at a small cave with the egg safe and warm. I didn’t care about my job, or my duties, I just cared about it. The Death Creeper entrusted me with its young, it wasn’t my duty to serve anymore, it was my duty to raise.

Author Notes: Even I don't know what this is XD. A story about protection, I guess? Another story I owe to Lollipop_56 (Faith).

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3 Mar, 2019
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2 mins
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