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By whitley121

“Louise, go to your room now!” shouted my dad. I quickly ran up to my room and slammed the door. Immediately I could hear heavy footsteps. I knew I was in trouble. My heart was pounding in my chest. The footsteps were getting louder and louder then suddenly BANG! My dad kicked the door down. Grabbing me, he slapped me hard around the face. He continued to hit me until I cried. This is what it was like every time I did something wrong; he would hit me. I never understood why he did this to me.

I live in a three bedroom home with my mum, dad and little brother Thomas. Thomas and I are very close. We do almost everything together. I wish my mum and dad were like that to us. When we were little, we were never allowed out to play. Mum would tell us to read a book or something. Even at primary school, when we used be in school plays mum and dad would never show up. What sort of parents do that? From then onwards, we have never gotten along with our parents.

One night, Thomas asked mum if we could have another brother or sister. She started to shout at him and then slapped him around the face. She continued to hit him and as I tried to stop her she hit me too. I ran upstairs shouting “I hate you mum!” Thomas shortly followed. He came into my room and asked if I was ok. “No” I said. “I have to get out of this place, I can’t live here anymore.” I started to pack my bags. “Where are you going to stay?” asked Thomas. I continued to pack my bags and said “I’m going to stay with Uncle Richard for a while.” Thomas started to cry and I hugged him tight. “I want to tell you something.” said Thomas. “I want to join the army.”
“Really? Why didn’t you tell me this before?” I asked Thomas.
“Because I thought you would be upset.” he said.
“If that’s what you want to do then I’m ok with it.” I said. Thomas hugged me and ran to his room.

It was 9pm and I could hear mum shouting ‘dinner!’ to us. I ran downstairs but Thomas stayed upstairs. ‘Louise isn’t your brother coming downstairs?’ mum asked. Seconds later he rushed downstairs shouting “Sorry I was cleaning my room!” We all sat down at the table and ate in silence. Thomas suddenly said “Mum, dad I have something to tell you”. I knew what he was going to say so I sat there in silence. “Mum, I want to join the army. Don’t think about stopping me because I have already made my mind up”. Mum started to cry and ran out of the room. Dad ran after her to check if she was alright. “You were right Louise” said Thomas. “I can’t stay here anymore”.
“I never thought you would realise what monsters they are” I said. “Ever since we were little they have been treating us really badly”.
“So are you still going to Uncle Richard’s?” Thomas asked me.
“Yes, I’m going tonight. I can’t take it here anymore” I said. I took my bags out from under my bed and kissed Thomas. “Goodbye Thomas and good luck in the war”. I sneaked downstairs to check if mum and dad were still in the living room. They were so I quickly ran downstairs and out of the door.

About half an hour later, I arrived at my uncle’s. I knocked on the door and he answered. “Louise, what are you doing here?” my uncle asked.
“I beg you Uncle Richard, can I stay here?” I said to him. Uncle Richard saw the desperate look on my face and let me in. “Sit down sweetheart.” I slumped onto the sofa. “So what brings you here?” he asked.
“I’ve run away Uncle” I said calmly. He had a shocked look on his face.
“You ran away? But why?” He shouted. I got a bit scared but I knew he wouldn’t hit me. He never has. “I’m sorry Uncle but they were treating me and Thomas badly” I said. “Thomas is leaving too, he wants to join the army and to be honest I don’t blame him”.
“Thomas is joining the army? What is he thinking?” my uncle said in an aggressive tone. “Ring your brother now!” I picked up my phone and dialled Thomas’ number.
“Louise! I’m so glad to hear from you” he shrieked. “How’s Uncle Richard?”
“Yeah about him, he wants to speak to you” I whispered. “I told him you wanted to join the army”. I handed the phone over to my uncle.
“Hi Thomas” my uncle said.
“Hi Uncle Richard” Thomas said nervously.
“So you want to join the army do you?” asked Uncle Richard.
“Yes Uncle” replied Thomas.
“What on earth are you thinking? You could get killed out there!” screamed Uncle Richard.
“But Uncle, this is what I want to do!” shouted Thomas.
“Ok Thomas, just be careful” said Uncle Richard. He had calmed down now.
“Ok Uncle, I better go now mum wants me. Bye and tell Louise I said bye as well” Thomas said. He then put the phone down.
“Thomas!” shouted mum. “Tell Louise to come here will you?” Thomas ran downstairs and said to her “Mum, Louise isn’t here. She’s run away”.
“She’s run away?” Mum cried. “Why would she do that?”
“You know you have been treating us badly ever since we were born!” Thomas shouted. “That’s why I want to join the army so I can be away from you and dad!” Thomas ran back upstairs and slammed his door. Dad slowly walked up the stairs and when he got to the top he walked over to Thomas’ door and knocked on it. “Go away!” Thomas shouted.
“Thomas, you better open this damn door now!” shouted Dad. Dad was getting angry now.
“Just go away dad!” Thomas shouted. Dad had done the same to Thomas as he did to me; he kicked the door down. Thomas was afraid now. Dad grabbed him and hit him around the face. Thomas started to cry. Dad then left the room.
My phone started to ring. It was Thomas. “Louise, dad just hit me”. He whispered. “Please come back”.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be there soon”. I said
“Ok, see you soon”. Thomas answered. I then hung up.

Half an hour later, I arrived at my house. “Mum dad!” I shouted. “Where are you?” There was no answer. I ran upstairs and saw Thomas lying there. “Thomas, are you ok?” I asked him.
“No Louise, I’m not”. He replied.
“Where are mum and dad?” I asked.
“In their bedroom” He said. Immediately after he said that, they came out of their bedroom. I wanted to hit my dad but I knew he would retaliate. “Louise, you're back.” Mum said.
“I'm not staying” I said. “Dad, how could you do this to Thomas? What has he done to you?”
“I'm sorry” said Dad. “I just got out of control”. He then started to cry and mum comforted him. Thomas ran back in his room and started packing his bags. “Thomas, what are you doing?” Mum asked. He didn't answer and just carried on packing his bags. I went into his room and helped him pack. “Mum, Dad we're both leaving and we're never coming back!” I shouted.
“Louise, Thomas please don’t leave!” My Mum screamed.
“We are leaving!” shouted Thomas. “I've decided not to join the army but I'm going to stay at Uncle Richard's with Louise” As soon as he finished packing, we tried to run to the door but Dad grabbed my arm and tried to hit me. I broke free and then hit him. “Louise, why did you do that?” Dad shouted.
“Because you deserved it!” I shouted. We then ran out the door and started walking to Uncle Richard’s house. “We're finally free” said Thomas.

We got to Uncle Richard's house and knocked on his door. He opened the door and said “Louise, Thomas how nice to see you”.
“Hi Uncle Richard” Thomas said. “Can we stay with you please? I’ve decided not to join the army”.
“Of course you can stay here you two” he said. “I'm so glad you decided not to join the army Thomas”. He hugged Thomas and then let us in.
“You two look freezing, do you want some tea to warm you up?” he asked. We both said no and sat down on the sofa. Uncle Richard then said “You know you two can stay here as long as you like”.
“Can we stay here forever?” I asked.
“Of course, you know I love you both very much” he said.
“We know” Thomas and I said. Finally we were away from our horrible parents and this is how it was going to stay. I am really glad I have Uncle Richard, he is so supportive in whatever Thomas and I do. If only our parents were like that.

It’s been three months now. Mum and Dad really do not care about us do they? If they did they would have come here by now. “Uncle Richard, what are we doing today?” I asked.
“Anything you want sweetheart” He replied.
“Ok, can I go to the cinema with my friends?” I said.
“Yeah, sure you can” said Uncle Richard.
“Thanks! See you soon.” I said. I got ready and went to meet my friends.
About 20 minutes later, I arrived at the cinema and I saw my friends. “Hi everyone” I said. “Let’s go inside then.” We all went inside, got our tickets and then waited for the film to start.

“Uncle Richard, can we do something since Louise has gone out?” asked Thomas.
“Sure, what would you like to do?” said Uncle Richard
“I don’t mind” Thomas answered. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door.
“Who could that be?” Uncle Richard said looking confused. He opened the door and it was mum and dad. “Oh hello, what are you two doing here?” he asked.
“We’ve come to see Thomas and Louise” they said. Thomas ran upstairs and hid under the bed. “They’re not here, they’ve gone out” said Uncle Richard.
“Ok then. We’ll come back later.” They then left. Thomas ran downstairs and asked Uncle Richard if they were gone. “Yes they’ve gone now” he said.
“Good, I never want to see them again!” Thomas shouted.

A few hours later, I arrive home. “I’m back!” I shouted. Neither Thomas nor Uncle Richard answered. “Hmm, they must have gone out then” I wondered. Then my phone started to ring, it was Thomas. “Hi Thomas” I said. “Where are you and Uncle Richard?”
“Hi sis, we’ve just gone to the park” he said. “Listen, I’ve got something to tell you, mum and dad came by earlier.”
“Really?” I asked.
Did you speak to them?”
“No I hid upstairs. Uncle Richard told them we were out” he replied.
“Oh ok then, well I’ll see you when you get home” I said and then hung up. As I had the house to myself, I sat down and watched some television. As soon as I switched the television on I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and opened it. It was mum and dad. “What do you two want?” I said in an aggressive tone.
“Hi Louise, please just talk to us” they begged. “Where’s Thomas?” mum asked.
“He’s out with Uncle Richard” I said. “Now go away!” I shouted and I slammed the door. They continued to knock the door and I just ignored them. Eventually they left. “What am I going to do now?” I said to myself. I rang Thomas again. “Thomas, mum and dad just came by.”
“What did you say to them?” He asked.
“Not much, they asked where you were and I said you were out with Uncle Richard”
“Oh ok then. What else happened?”
“I told them to go away and I slammed the door on them” I said.
“Ok, I’ll be there soon.” He hung up and I started watching television again.
Five pm and there was still no sign of Thomas or Uncle Richard. “Where are those two?” I wondered. Suddenly I heard the door open. “At last! Where were you?”
“Sorry Louise, we just got something to eat afterwards” Thomas said. “Do you want a chip?”
“Err, no thanks. I’m not hungry.” I sat back down and carried on watching TV. “Hey Thomas, you know I said mum and dad mentioned you earlier?”
“Well I think they might be coming back round later on.”
Thomas just shrugged his shoulders and sat down next to me. “Ah well, I’m not going to speak to them anyway.”
I kept thinking to myself that maybe we should give them a chance to explain why they were so cruel to us. After all, I want to know.
“Tom, I think we should give them a chance to explain themselves. We are kind of being harsh to them.”
I could see that Thomas was getting angry.
“Louise, what is wrong with you?” He screamed. “You know what they did to us! He hit you for goodness sake!”
I decided to quickly change the subject, “Okay, you’re right. I won’t mention it again.” I just couldn’t help thinking about it though. Should I really give them a chance? I went upstairs to my room and sat down thinking about it for ages.

“I don’t know what to do.” I thought to myself. I needed to clear my head so I went out for a walk.
“Louise! Wait up!”
“What do you want Thomas?” I muttered while I was walking. Before he could respond, I heard a voice I could recognise.
“Louise! Honey” It was my mum. What could she possibly want?
“What do you want mum?” I shouted. “Don’t you think you’ve done enough damage already?”
I quickly started running, short of breath after ten minutes. What am I doing? She is my mum after all... Maybe I should talk to her. Or should I? I stop and turn around. She’s standing right behind me. I take one look at her and begin to walk away from her again. She’s walking behind me, not giving up. Why won’t she leave me alone? If I talk to her, she’ll convince me that she’s changed. I know she hasn’t. She never will. I have finally escaped my vicious parents. It’s time to move on. So I quickly turn around and confront my mum.
“Mum, I want nothing more to do with you!” I shouted. “So leave me alone!” I push past her and run back home before she had the chance to reply. My heart was pounding in my chest but I was desperate to get home. Thomas quickly followed behind me.

I burst through the door, quickly run upstairs to my room and start to pack my things.
“Louise! Where are you going?” asked Uncle Richard.
“Far away!”
“You can’t just leave! Where are you going to stay?”
“I’ll stay with my friend for a little while until I can find somewhere permanent.”
Thomas runs up the stairs and tries to stop me from leaving. I push him away and quickly run downstairs. This is what I need to do. I have to get away from my parents for good. “Bye Uncle Richard, bye Thomas.” I run back to them and give them hugs then make my way out of the door. This is it; I’m definitely starting a new life on my own. No mum, no dad. Just me.

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18 Jan, 2013
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