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Euphoric Dysphoria - Part 1
Euphoric Dysphoria - Part 1

Euphoric Dysphoria - Part 1

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Icarus walked down the brightly lit hallway slowly, jackboots clicking against the floor. His black, blue tinted eyes scanned the Enforcers and officers walking past. His long hair lying neatly, strands sticking out from under his hat, eyes glowing slightly from the implanted enhancements. Around a corner again, down the dimly lit hall leads the prison wing of the complex. Before the door, he adjusted his sleeve and placed his hand on the door, pushing it agape.

A prisoner sat down on a rugged bed, fluff falling from the seams. His solid black jumpsuit, hiding the dirt and caked blood, his hair shaved down to stubble conflicting with his form of gaunt fatigue. Icarus roughly slammed the door behind him, a loud bang eneminating a form of pure dread, pushing back the prisoner. “W-Who are you?” he asked, his voice wavering with panic.

Icarus chuckled softly, his voice germanic, taking a few steps forward. “Senior Operator Krueger. That is all you need to know.”

The prisoner inched back into the corner, pathetically hiding away from the man before him. “Why are you here? What happened to the last guy?”

Icarus took another couple steps and smirked, gripping a hold of the man's chin to look him dead in the eye. A grim smile spread past his eyes, showing off his sharp canines. “Oh, he’s been decommissioned for now. I’m here to do what he couldn’t.”

Staring up to those beastly blackened irises, the prisoner within the grasp of Icarus, despite his size, appearing near powerless, stammered out "Please….please don’t hurt me...I already said I don’t know anything…” Slamming him against the wall, a squeal of air escaped his lungs, legs nearly dangling off the floor, eyes bulging, and arms flailing out, begging for release. Icarus laughed at the show before him, "Oh, what did your previous handler say? You’d be safe if he got what he needed?”

The prisoner nodded frantically, beginning to shake slightly. Icarus released his chin and removed his gloves, showing off the burn marks and scars, extending his fingers and contracting them, playing with the distorted flesh. “Trust me, whatever your previous handler said he’d do to you…” his eyes flashed between blue and red for a moment before settling on a deep, blood-like red. “I can do a lot worse.”

The prisoner sunk against the wall, taking a deep, raspy breath. “, please, don’t…”

Icarus took his hat off and pulled his hair up into a ponytail before unleashing a swift kick into the man’s ribs, forcing him to his hands and knees, grunting and gasping for air. Icarus went for another kick and-

The mosslike, caustic smell of the damp jungle coated the air as rain poured heavily over their heads, the air nearly drowning them. As if commanded by the force of god, this jungle didn’t welcome them. A dirty black red set of ARWG armor stuck to the skin of Icarus, sweat mixed with the claustrophobic moisture in the air, slowly moved with his squad through the thick underbrush. Lightning cracked overhead as one of his fellow soldiers checked his wrist mounted map and groaned. “Another fucking mile of this? Jesus christ…”

Icarus chuckled a small bit and looked around. His hair was cut short now, and he opted to not wear a helmet, instead wearing a hat with his communications headset over one ear. His eyes were just blue,without enhancements. He was young then. Not used to the way things worked behind the scenes.

Amidst their march, another thundercrack echoed overhead suddenly, followed by one of his fellow men crumpling to the ground by a rapid fire barrage of bullets. Icarus crouched down, trying to see where the attackers were coming from, but he was suddenly struck in the back of the head by something heavy and knocked down. He could hear the yells of his comrades through his headset as he faded into darkness.

-Icarus grabbed the prisoner by his collar and raised him up, once more staring him directly in his eyes. Suddenly Icarus used his other fist to jab into his stomach and throw him against the wall before unleashing another strike into his eye, banging him head first into the floor followed with a deep crack reminating against the walls. “WHERE IS HE?!” He bellowed, kicking him again.

The prisoner coughed and gagged as he tried to push himself up. “I-I already...I already… told… you everything… please…” The prisoner looked feeble, fragile, able to be manipulated so easily…

Icarus raised his foot, ready to stomp the weakling beneath him-

Icarus awoke in a small cage curled up in the corner, armor stripped and his pale skin exposed to the frigid wet air of the night in the jungle. There were no other prisoners that he could see. He tried to get to his feet before the cage door opened and a large, dark skinned man walked inside, wearing a ragged uniform. Grabbing him by the hair, not saying a word as he dragged Icarus through a cave passage into another makeshift room, filled with cabinets and a couple benches which stunk of blood, sweat, and some sharp bleach-like smell in the background.

The large man shoved him to the ground and walked out, while a tall, skinny man in a dark leather coat walked in, whistling an unsettlingly happy tune as he walked over to a cabinet. He didn’t seem to acknowledge Icarus’ existence as he tried to push himself up, shaking from the cold that bore deep into his bones.

Without hesitation, the tall man turned around and stomped him back to the ground. “Don’t try to get up.” he said coldly, his voice echoing off the walls, sounding omnipresent. Icarus fell back onto his stomach and let out a weak groan, only to roll onto his back to look at his assailant. Laughing, he brandished a long knife, his face hidden by the darkness. “Who are you?”

Icarus spat up a mix of blood and spittle at his assailant. “…” venom dripped from his lips.

The man slashed at Icarus’ chest, a waterfall of blood against his breast dripped against the floor. “Who. Are. You?” His voice suddenly got gruffer, more demanding, dominant.

Icarus let out a loud yelp and clenched his teeth, gripping the newfound muscle deep scar on his chest. “I-Icarus! My name is Icarus, for fucks sake!”

The tall man nodded and rubbed the blood from his blade against Icarus’ cheek. “You’re ARWG, yes?”

“Yes...Yes…” Icarus groaned weakly. His eyes watered against the hot, metallic scent of his own blood.

The man nodded again and stomped on Icarus’ chest, followed by the sickly crack of bone against flesh and a guttural scream from Icarus, which echoed against the cave walls violently.

-The prisoner sputtered as he fell again, grasping his stomach, gagging. Blood dripped from his lips as Icarus grabbed him by the collar. “I know you’re holding out on me, asshole, just talk and this can all be over…” he growled into his ear. The prisoner let out some incoherent noise as Icarus dropped him and walked towards the door, opening it slightly and peeking his head out to peer to the Enforcer standing guard nearby, tall and imposing. “Could you please get me a set of branding tools? Sign them out for Senior Operator AS9K-0721B, please.”

The Enforcer nodded curtly and set off down the hallway, and Icarus closed the door again and turned towards the prisoner again, who was still lying on the floor. He walked over and crouched next to him, examining him with his dark red eyes before a knock came to the door, and the Enforcer walked inside with a long rod with a flat piece of spaced metal, like an antenna, connected to a heating unit by a long cord. Icarus stood up and took the machine and nodded before flipping it on and turning back to the prisoner, and as the flat part on the rod heated up to an angry glowing orange he-

He fell to the floor suddenly and gasped for air, and the tall man grabbed him by the throat and got on top of him, growling. “Stop fighting, you little shit!” he said through gritted teeth, his eyes angry and squinted, his breath hot and stinking of alcohol.

Icarus raised his arms up and grabbed the man’s neck, knowing his intention, and suddenly drove a knee into his stomach. The man gagged and let go, and Icarus took the chance to get on top of him and began to beat into the man’s face, letting out yell after yell of pent up anger as the man tried to fight back, but Icarus reached down and gripped the man’s throat with his teeth, ripping into it and spraying his chest and chin with hot, dark blood, and the man gagged and went limp.

Icarus stood up and stumbled back, not bothering to wipe his chin as he looked around the room for the man’s machete in a hurry, his eyes watering at the heat and scent of blood. He found it on a nearby table and picked it up before rushing through the cave, his heart pumping violently.

Something new came over him as he moved through the cave, and after a bit he stopped in his tracks. He wanted everyone here dead, every last one of them. He turned around and walked back the way he came, slowly and surely, his head thumping with rage and bloodlust. The tall, dark skinned man turned a corner and let out a small noise as Icarus drove the machete into his guts, all the way to the hilt. The man gagged and tried to fight before Icarus ripped the machete out and began to slice into his shoulder before he collapsed to the ground. Icarus took a deep, raspy breath and kept moving.

-the smell of seared flesh filled the room as the prisoner screamed and curled up on the ground, grasping his face, where the branding iron left a sizzling mark against his flesh. Icarus turned off the machine and put it in the corner, brushing a bloody hand through his hair and coughing. He walked back over and kneeled next to the prisoner, eyes still glowing. “Are you ready to talk now?”

The prisoner kept holding his face as he spoke, his voice weak and feeble. “He...he’s in Stayi...Stayi…”

“Stayi…” Icarus let a smirk curl up at his lips as he stood up and brushed himself off. “Thank you for your cooperation, my friend.” He pulled his hair back down and put on his officer’s cap before turning around and walking out the door, his fingers twitching slightly as he continued down the hallway-

Icarus grappled a tall man and covered his mouth with his hand, feeling the hot, blood soaked breath against his hand as he drove the machete into the man’s lung, grinning slightly. He dropped the man and looked around the room for something to wear - he couldn’t go out into the jungle naked, obviously. He found a rain poncho and a pair of ragged jeans and slipped them on quickly, throwing the poncho’s hood over his head as he gripped the machete tighter. He moved towards a light outside, his stomach aching with hunger, breath hot with blood, his footsteps hard and fast. He didn’t know how long he had been here, days, weeks, he lost track quickly.

He pushed through the cave’s entrance and took a deep, raspy breath. It was raining, but rain had never felt so good in his life. He stumbled down a hill and picked a random direction to move, not knowing exactly where he was.

-the truck rumbled underneath his feet as he sat in the passenger’s seat. Two others followed, filled with soldiers wearing the black, ominous armor of the ARWG. He had his hands resting softly against his lap as he hummed a nice tune. Tall trees towered overhead as they drove down the dirt path, no civilization in sight. Their target: a small village called Stayi. More importantly, the resistance leader hiding there. Icarus promised himself that if he wasn’t there, the prisoner would pay oh so dearly.

After a long drive, the trucks stopped outside of the small village, the people outside looking confused and scared as the soldiers disembarked. Icarus stepped out calmly and gripped his pistol, cocking it with a satisfying snap.

Instantly, the soldiers opened fire on the people, who tried to run into the forest, but were stopped by a hail of gunfire. People dropped like flies, either injured or killed. The soldiers moved quickly forward, and one stopped above a woman gripping her leg, screaming in agony. The soldier grabbed the woman and pulled her up, throwing her over his shoulder and moving towards a hut fairly quickly. Icarus took aim with his pistol and fired a single round, which cracked into the back of the soldier’s helmet and rammed him into the ground, dead. The woman screamed again and tried to push herself away from the soldier’s corpse.

Icarus allowed many things from his soldiers that many other officer’s wouldn't.

Rape was not one of them.

He moved towards the woman and pulled her out from under the corpse, lifting her up and handing her a needle from his coat, muttering, “Go, now, before they see you.”

The woman took the needle and nodded frantically, limping quickly towards the treeline. Icarus turned back and moved through the village, looking for any wounded civilians to put out of their misery, doing so without thought. A few soldiers let out a yell and dragged a man out of a house, throwing him into the mud and raising their guns at him. Icarus walked over and held his hand up, and the soldiers lowered their weapons. Icarus crouched down and gripped the man’s chin, looking him in the eyes.

It was the resistance leader they had been looking for. His jaw was sharp and toned, his eyes a deep green, with messy black hair and a wiry beard. Icarus chuckled and let the leader’s chin go, looking towards his soldiers. “Burn it to the ground! Leave no survivors!”

The soldiers nodded and ran back towards the trucks as Icarus looked down at the leader, grabbing him by the collar and pulling him up to knees, raising his pistol towards his head. “I’ve been looking for you for so long, asshole…”

The man chuckled and looked him in the eyes. “Yeah, you took your sweet fucking time, pig…”

Icarus took a step back and fired into the man’s stomach, and he slumped backwards into the mug, letting out a yell. Icarus stepped above him and placed his boot on his chest. “You’ve been caught committing treason against your gove-”

The man coughed out a laugh. “Save the f-fucking official mumbo...mumbo jumbo, dickhead…”

Icarus cocked his head for a second before chuckling and firing a round into his stomach again. He grabbed him by his hair and started to pull him towards one of the newly burning homes, the heat beating against his skin. Icarus put him against the stairs of the home and snapped his fingers, calling a duo of Enforcers to approach.

“Throw him into the fire.” Icarus said curtly, flipping the safety on his pistol and putting it back into his holster. “Make sure he stays inside.”

The man weakly fought back as the two Enforcers grabbed him by his hands and feet and threw him through the window of the burning home. Icarus watched closely as the man screamed and beat against the barred door as the roof began to collapse. A small grin slowly grew on his face as the screams got louder and louder.

He was proud to serve ARWG.

By any means necessary, he got his job done.

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