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Wence you enter the room,
So chilly and grim,
There lays your dog on the brink of doom,
From here on, your life only gets more dim,
Prepare your mournings,
It's simply the beginning.

Yelps of pain, heard all morning,
His existence was his bane, it felt pain all over,
You have two choices, to put down or endure,
Euthanasia's too pricy, you could never.

Your pockets are empty, you can barely satisfy your stomach, in which so hungry,
You can't afford any medication, so you beg on your knees,
Your only source of happiness and bliss, on the brink of dying,
Only thing the vets gave, was their sighing.

The poor dog's dying,
You can't do anything,
All the vets could care about,
Is of your money,
Is this the society we preach about on our knees?

Ease your pain,
Forget your suffering,
In the end it's all the same,
We will all die, with no contribution to society,
All you can do is watch your dog plea.

Just let it go, so-called saints say,
When they could've intervened,
It's really futile, even if you pray,
"Please don't make a scene,
just give our pay",

To be frank,
They're not wrong,
Who could care less,
About your dog you lived with so long,
Only you can decide what stains and stays,
It matters not at the end of the day,
You will only make yourself further dismay.

Cry in despair,
No one cares,
Life in the first place was never fair,
You must move on to places beyond,
It's difficult to let go of a bond.

Let's say you can't,
Your old buddy was all you had,
While all the doctors could give was their lant,
They didn't show the slightest expression of being sad,
Consumed by anger, now you're mad.

Two O' Clock, when the hand strikes,
The vets you found will have their last night,
A breath you gave, words you uttered,
"People like you need to be impaled on pikes",
Of life soon losing their grip, with fingers quite buttered,
"You'll die eventually no need to fike."

The cops show up, but it was far too late,
Since predetermined was their fate.
Their laid two doctors, was quite the horror,
To witness late at night, a silent, swift murder.

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About This Story
31 Mar, 2022
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1 min
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