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Evan's Secret Lover : Part 1

This story has some quality issues

Evan's Secret Lover : Part 1

By AliciaRomo13

Amber, a pretty, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl lived in the most boring town imaginable. She was born into the military life. Both of her parents were in the US Airforce and she constantly moved from place to place. She had to learn to grow strong, emotionally, because she had to leave friends behind and occasionally had to see her father, Jones, leave on deployments and TDY's. Amber was intelligent and creative. Her imagination was beyond that of a 13-year-old girl, in which she was. Amber had a stressful time when it comes to family. Her little brother, Tom, was always blaming things on her. She was constantly aggravated by his lies. Amber's little sister, Terry, was always acting like she was innocent and nice. In reality, she was a bully. She always treated her siblings with disrespect and hatred. She never showed love for them, until they were doing something she wanted to do. Amber's mom, Andrea, yelled at her for being rude to her siblings, but from Amber's point of view, they were the rude ones. Andrea always yelled at Amber for talking back. In Amber's defense, she was expressing her feelings.

Amber was in the 8th grade. Her best friend was Jay. Jay was gay but Amber didn't care one bit. Jay was like a sister to her. She was also like a life coach because Amber always asked Jay for advice. One time she asked advice for a guy she had dated named Ivan. Jay told her that she should dump him because he was rude. Amber noticed it and she dumped him. She saw the real him, which was rude and heartless. He was always being rude to others and he had major anger issues. He was once rude to her! She cared so little about his feelings after that, that she decided to start dating someone new on the same day of their break-up. She started dating Charlie, a cute, dork of an 8th grader. He is nice and smart.

Amber and Charlie had been together for at least three months until Amber realized something. She realized that she had liked this boy named Evan for quite a while. She had always liked him but he had a girlfriend. Amber didn't mind this at all. She liked his girlfriend. Amber mostly liked Evan though. She adored his long black hair and his funny way to cover up his deep voice, which was in his case, to talk really high pitched. Amber decided to keep her feelings to herself. For it was her fear to let the 2 lovers know her secret. She had always liked Jane, Evan's girlfriend, and Amber's best friend. Amber is also best friends with Evan, but she didn't want either of them to know. She had kept it a secret from them because she was afraid it would ruin their relationship, as well as her own. This was really starting to stress her out.

Amber was at lunch one day. She sat by her friends Evan, Charlie, Jules, Jay, Jane, and Olivia. After she finished lunch with her 4th-hour class, Evan, Charlie, Jules, Jay, and of course, Amber, played tag in the courtyard. Amber joined the game late and didn't know what they were doing until she had gotten tagged. She then looked around to see who all was playing. She tagged the first person she saw, which just happened to be Evan. The game of tag just kept going back-and-forth between them. Then when it came time to come inside Evan chased Amber down the hallway. She enjoyed that little happy moment she got to endure with him.

The next day, something had taken her mind off of her weird liking to Evan. Her dog, Manny, was sick. He wouldn't eat his dinner from the night before he would eat his breakfast...Amber also tried to give him human food. He didn't eat it, instead, he just turned his head away. She had had this dog since she was six. She was very attached to this dog. She was so worried about him she almost cried in school. When Amber, Andrea, Terry, and Tom were on their way home and found Manny waiting for them to come back. He was eating again and running around. Amber was happy he was no longer sick and happy.

Amber was not ever going to tell Charlie, Evan, and Jane about her secret. She was hoping she could hide it from them forever! When I say forever, I mean until Amber doesn't see them again. Which could happen because she is a military child, and they move constantly. Amber decided to try to ask her friends how to get over Evan, but all they told her to do was to talk to Charlie and confess her love for Evan. You see, this was a problem. Amber was worried it would cost her and Jane their relationships, and if it didn't, it would ruin Jane and Amber's friendship. As well as, make things weird between Amber and Evan. Amber felt like if one single word about her secret slipped from anyone, her life would fall apart.

As a matter of a fact, Jay tried to tell Evan about her secret because Amber was starving herself by not eating her sandwich. Jay said that if she didn't eat it she would tell Evan everything. Jay was about to spill the beans when Amber finally decided that she was going to eat her sandwich. Amber was glad Jay was joking about spilling the secret because Amber would have died emotionally and would not talk to anyone at all!!

So Amber just sits in her bed every night thinking about how badly she wished it were someone else. She wished it was someone that her friends weren't dating. Someone who was none other than her boyfriend, Charlie. The main thing that worried Amber was having to come clean about her secret to Evan, Jane, and Charlie, in face-to-face conversations.

To be continued.......

Author Notes: This story is continuously being made because it is actually about me but I used different names... FYI, I'm Amber!!!!


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13 Mar, 2018
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