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So many people these days are struggling to find an answer to life. They live each day slowly becoming more and more numb to the world before their only solace is to harm themselves in any way shape or form that they can find... even if it ends in something so final that there is no coming back. But what about the people around you?

What about your family?
Work place?
And so much more... you don't realise the worth that you have to them and the impact you make on their lives each day.

Some people think that when they harm theirself, it is only one person hurting: you.
But that is not the case.
When someone self harms, so much more is affected than just one person. One person bleeds, but many people are hurting. One person cuts their skin, but in doing that, you inadvertently cut the emotions of the people who love you and care for you the most. You are breaking their heart as they look on, powerlessly, and see that someone they care for can't cope in the world anymore and there is nothing that they can do to take that pain away from you.

There is always someone somewhere who is willing to and wanting to help. You are NEVER on your own... even when you feel like you are... Trust me....
I know....

If you look at if you were to take your life one day, you may think that it may be the end of your own suffering and that you will endure no more pain anymore, but in reality, by taking your own life, the pain that you leave behind can be soul destroying for those around you who care.

You leave behind a family who loves you and has to come to terms that their own child - who they raised from a baby - has left them, leaving an irreplaceable, gaping hole will be left in their heart that leaves a void that cannot be replaced.
You leave behind friends who will look back at the messages you exchanged with them, searching hard for and picking up on the many little hints that you may have left behind asking for help which they might have missed, while knowing that they will never have a chance to be there for you, hating themselves for not realising how much you were struggling before.
You may leave behind a significant other who thought the world of you and worshipped the ground that you walked on. They showered you with their love and affection and still it was not enough for you to keep fighting. Maybe you don't have a significant other in your life yet, but what about the future?

When you think about making that step to harm yourself, or even leave this world, it's not just the person suffering that is hurting - it's everyone around them as well.

PLEASE! Don't think that no one is listening or that this is the only way. There is always another day that will arrive and things will eventually get better just hold on to hope - even in the bleakest of days. There is more than just one person suffering...
When the light at the end of the tunnel arrives - and it will - there will also be more than just one person rejoicing, and the joy and relief that will be felt by everyone surrounding the person, as well as the person themselves, will overflow with abundence from all of their hearts.

Think before you act, and remember... Someone is always there to listen and help... Just never give up.

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26 Aug, 2017
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3 mins
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