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By SJD ❤

I know you think I got it all figured out 'Cause I walk around like my head's in the clouds

But I'm just a boy with his heart

pouring out of his head I wish that you could see the pain that I've seen

And all of the times I spent being not me I hope you know that it's not always happy in my head

'Cause I don't know The perfect road to go down But I know I'm trying my best I'm trying my best to be okay I'm trying my best but every day it's so hard

And I'm holding my breath I'm holding my breath 'til I can say All of the words I wanna say from my heart If you really wanted I could let you inside

It's been so long and I've got nothing left to hide Would you believe me if I told you that I've got flaws Now it's time to let the curtains unfold And tell all the stories that I didn't want told I let it out so I unburden my soul I won't stop

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5 Feb, 2020
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