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By Bitter

When I was younger, I remember saying,
"I'd give EVERYTHING for that bike!"
Just because I saw a flashy add.
Or I remember saying,
"I'd pay ANYTHING to have seven minutes with her!"
In middle school because Sheila was the hottest girl in school.
Many times I would come home crying because I was bullied for a couple years, for God knows why.
I would never tell my Mother or Father.
But one night they had found out that I had been cutting my arms as an outlet for my feelings. When they did I would have given everything just to get out of that room.
Years passed and the bullying went on, but the cutting stopped. The others kids made fun of the way I dressed, saying that I shopped in the woman's department at the mall. People started making rumours about me; apparently
I was still cutting myself. Nobody would talk to me for months.
At that point, I would give Everything to make the torment stop.
I came to school one day and the bigger kids beat me and threw me in the dumpster.
I chose not to get out, but to sit for a couple hours alone, incase they came back.
I would give everything for them to disapear.

The bullying still goes on, even today. I'm not sure if I can withstand it anymore.
I walk downstairs to my Mother. She was sitting on the couch, sipping tea.
"Will, what are you doing down so late?"
I have already started crying. I roll up my sleeves to reveal that I have once again started cutting.
"Mom, I'm suicidal."
"Oh my God. Oh my God", my Mother keeps repeating.
She pulls me into a hug. "Drew! Come in here!" My Mother starts crying too.
My Dad runs into the room and sees what is going on. He joins the hug.
My Mother whispers to me,
"You said you would never do it again." My Mother said, but she is not angry.
My parents drove me to the hospital, where I stayed for 2 months.
My Mother called the school, and told them about the situation, giving them the names of the bullies.
I feel better now. The last day when I checked out: February 5th 2011. I wish I could relive the day. The hospital ward I was staying in had a small part for my going away.
As I walked out the door, and turned to way at the doctors at the door.
I didn't know about the bus until I was underneath it. The tires flattened my legs. My head exploded under the weight of the bus, and I died.

The funeral of Will Abbey took place on February 7th, 2011.
"The cause of death was known to be suicide, though Will's parents did what they could to help him. We will mourn this day for the rest of our lives."
The Priest said as they lowered Will's body into the Earth.

I would give EVERYTHING to see or hug my parents one last time.

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14 Aug, 2011
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