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Everything Takes Time.

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Everything Takes Time.

By Jannat

So this is form one of my darkest times. This incident is about when i felt sad for the first time because of a boy. So let's begin.
At that time i was 14 year old. In school and academy i was one of the dull students. So my class fellows always push me back and make me feel like i was born as a loser and i can't improve. Plus point is i belong to rich family so those girl used me for money only or to keep their secrets saved (of boys) when they tried to give me importance i use to think they are trying to be my friends so i give them anything they want. Everytime i got ditch. And i was too skinny and ugly so boys avoid me. And me myself never wanted to get attention. I wasn't that type. Anyway there was a boy he used to sit on the every next bench of mine. Sometimes we both used to cheat from eachother
He was kind a good day He asked about my favorite singer i told him That justin bieber is my all time favorite. The every next day he brought for me a printed picture of him. Lol i was every happy at that moment i thought he is my friend (i was a dumbhead girl .) anyhow, he asked me to be his friend and keep it as a secret because whole class will take us as a couple. I kept it in my heart. I have to leave academy because of some circumstances he only use to attend the academy. So i left it we were not in contact any more. One day he told those evil girls that i and him use to talk late night, and went on a date. Like on that time i haven't any cellphone. He blamed me badly thoes girl spread it in whole class. And labeled me as a "liar" i told them many time but they refused to believe me. I cried that day badly tear that picture into small pieces. When i was about to throw that pieces into basket i kept two pieces of that picture into my dairy as a good memory. Days passed everything has proved, i survived, iBecome a better student in my college. Find cool friends. Improved my looks now some of them are one of my followers on instagram they don't believe on their eyes that i have become so hot. That some of my class fellows tried to contact me lol but it's too late i am busy with my life. So don't lose hope suicide is not any option you have to face bad time that are the leader of your success and improvement. Learn form your past, Explore world, your feelings, you and people you care about! Never get afraid to face bad times because you know you gonna win only because if you try .And If you lose it's better for you so, please stay strong all of you who are reading this. Life is just full of fun and experiences just try to look beyond imperfections this is the only motivational way to survive through your darkest time tell yourself every morning that one that you are going to get through it and laugh while remembering it.

Author Notes: Everything single thing takes time be patient.


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10 Mar, 2018
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2 mins
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