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By Me

I walked through the halls with anger,
Gripping the knife, without sensing danger.
My steps echoed aver and over again,
And my heart is filled with nothing but disdain.

THe gargoyles watched with pain,
As blood replaced their reign.
Blood I spill without remorse,
I laugh dementedly, for things could be far worse.

I could break their hearts,
As mine was ripped apart.
I could fill their heads with hopes and dreams,
Then rip it away, for nothing is as it seems.

I carry the knife sheathed in my arm,
Blood drips from the wound, without causing alarm.
I walk away from their bodies with joy,
Blood on my feet and more lives to destroy.

My mother died first, for doubting me,
My father next for abandoning the family.
My brother third,
For all his foul words.

But, the last of targets ruined my life,
She stole from meand caused me strife.
Tearing me apart and poisoning my mind,
And now she is running out of time.

It took mere minutes to hunt her down,
I left her dead with the slightest frown.
Her blood splattered across the floor,
Now my list has been completed , now I don't know what's in store.

I felt pain and hunger leaving the house,
And other feelings I had to douse.
My knife with me was all I needed,
For I shall never be defeated.

I spent days waking with tears,
In hotels that reminded me of bitter years.
I slaughtered them, my family and friends,
And I was starting to think, I'll never see them again.

I killed a woman, brown eyes and short hair,
But as I did, all she did was stare.
She watched the knife sink in and yank out,
She made no effort to escape, or shout.

My life had changed forever,
Because of that woman's stare.
I turned the knife on myself,
And let my throat bare,

I drew a line across in blood,
And watched with joy at the crimson flood.
I fell to the floor, next to the woman in fact,
And I just knew I wasn't coming back.

Then I woke up, in my desk at school,
Shaking my head, like a fool.
I looked over at Joye with pure disbelief,
Because I'd just killed her and now she smiles at me.

What evil thoughts cloud my head?

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About This Story
1 Jul, 2011
Read Time
1 min
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