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By jobella


A couple weeks ago the gang from the We Always Catch Our Crooks Club. Decided that among cases they would meet one night a week. Inside their club house and take turns telling one another spooky stories. Tonight was Sammy Turtle's turn

"Hey Sammy, where did you get that cool old fashion camera from?" Vicky Dragonfly asked

"Yah Sammy, quick take my picture!" Tommy Cub added laughing before he started posing for the camera

"Trust me Tommy, you don

't want me to take your picture with this camera. "It's not just a regular one but an evil one!" Sammy grinned evilly


"Hey, did you guys hear some folks just brought the old Fair place!" Daisy Penguin cried out as she slammed the door. To their club house open

"Oh wow! Who would want to buy that old place?" especially with all those freaky stories attached to it?" I wouldn't step one foot in there I'd be to crept out" Vicky frowned

"Oh please! Don't tell me that you guys actually believe in those stupid stories about that old store?" Tommy asked

"Not all of them", "but I do find it weird that every time someone brought something from there". "Something bad happened to them" Daisy answered him

"Yah you guys remember what happened to Wendy Trout?" "She brought a camera from there and every time she'd take a picture". "It'd only show something bad happening to whoever she took the picture of" Puppy added

"Oh give me a break," Tommy frowned

"I'm just going by what she told everyone". "She said that she took a picture of her little cousin by a tree in her backyard". "And when the picture came out all it showed was the tree." "Later that day her little cousin just disappeared into thin air" Puppy shrugged

"What happened to her?" Sammy asked

"Nobody knows she just reappeared like she disappeared a few minutes later." "And when they asked her what happened "She couldn't remember she couldn't even remember taking the picture" Puppy answered

"Oh please" "She probably was hiding somewhere or something as some kina of prank!" Tommy laughed

"Some prank!" Vicky frowned "I doubt that's what happened I wonder what really happened to her"

"I don't know and who cares!" Tommy smirked "Well we'll see you girls a bit later, come on Sammy!"

"Come on Sammy where?" Sammy frowned

"Don't worry about it I'll tell you on the way now come on!" Tommy answered him

"Oh stop being such a wimp Sammy", Tommy scowled him as they walked down the street

"We'll just go in and ask if they've any of the old cameras" "Then we'll take it back to the clubhouse and prove to the girls." "That there's no such thing as an evil camera just an old one," He quickly explained

"Oh is that all?" "Tommy, why do I always have to be dragged in your stupid ghost busting adventures?" Sammy asked

"Hey!" "They started it with all their talk of some evil camera," Tommy pouted

"I see. "And stupid me for not realizing how brilliant of an idea this is" "And how nothing bad is going to happen" Sammy sarcastically answered him

"That's the spirit! I knew that I could count on you" Tommy smiled as he patted him on the back

A few minutes later they were standing right in front of the store. That was beyond the woods

A big sign was typed to the window that read:


"Tommy are you sure you actually want to go in there?" Sammy asked him

"Yah why not?" Tommy shrugged. He was about to open the door. When they hear a voice yell out from behind cry out

"Hold it right there!"

Both Tommy and Sammy turned around and noticed a small pup glaring hard at them

"Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were the ones who kept robbing our stuff" "So we couldn't finish cleaning up before the grand opening," the pup explained

"Oh wow!" "That's awful!" "So I guess you're the one who brought the place?" Sammy asked

"Yah well my dad did". "He heard all the stories about this place, but he doesn't believe in ghost or cures." "He just wants to fix the place up and reopen it" the pup shrugged. "So what can I help you, guys with?

"I'm Tommy and this is my friend Sammy." "We live a few blocks away from here and were wondering, If you still have an old cameras that you can sell us" Tommy shrugged

"You see our other friends believe that they are evil." "And we want to prove them wrong." "So do you've any left or did you trashed them?" he asked

"Yah we found a box full of them in the basement" "Come I'll show you where they're. The name is Rex by the way"

They walked down to the basement and after a few minutes. Tommy found the box behind some other boxes, full of junk

"Yes I found it!"

"So what is the big deal about this camera again? "They look like a bunch of junk to me" Rex asked them again, once they were outside again

"Well according to our other friends. "They say that every time you take a picture with one of these cameras." It doesn't show the

picture you just took." "But instead it shows something bad happening to the kid you took the picture of" Tommy started to explain

"Oh wow!" "Can I check it out?" Rex asked

"Yah here" Tommy said. But before he could hand the camera over to him. Sammy interrupted

"Umm I don't think that's such a great idea"

He then went to grab for the camera but instead. He accidently took a picture of Rex

"Oh, sorry I didn't mean to" he added

"Whoa! Its instant camera I thought it was just the old fashion kind cool!" Rex answered. A second later, the picture cleared up, and they could see Rex looking like. He was in a lot of pain

"Hey!" "Is this some kina of joke?" "Why does my face looks like that?" Rex frowned "Let me go show my dad, I'm sure he's going to get a kick out of it"

And before Tommy and Sammy could stop him. He took off running

"Hey!" "No, wait!" Sammy cried out. But it was too late Rex screamed interrupted. Few seconds later Rex's dad came running out, from the back of the store

„What's all the screaming about?" He asked

"We don't know? "Rex just ran off to show you a picture. "But I think he tripped over a rock or something," Tommy explained. Rex's dad thanked them then ran over to his son picked him up and rushed off towards the hospital"

"Oh wow! "I hope that he's going to be okay?" Tommy said. As they were heading back to their club house

"Oh, yeah right! "Tommy, besides yelling at top of his lungs and his paw looking like a balloon." He's going to be just great!" "I told you that this was a bad idea" Sammy scowled him

The next morning Tommy was on his way towards the schoolyard. When he heard someone call out his name

"Oh, hey Wendy," "What's up?" He asked

"Daisy told me about what happened yesterday" She answered him

"Oh It was no big deal" he shrugged

"No big deal?" "Are you nuts?" "Where's the camera now?" Wendy cried out

"It's inside my book bag" "Why?"----. And before he could continue, Wendy grabbed his bag

"Hey!" "What do you think you're doing?" He yelled

"I'm going to smash that camera into tiny little piece!" Before it does any more damage!" Wendy answered him taking the camera out of his bag

"No, you're not!"

And as they started fighting over it, the camera fell to the floor flashing Wendy in the face

"Oh great!"

"Oh wow! Wendy, I'm really sorry" Tommy began

"Just give me the picture Tommy," Wendy smirked

"Hey!" "Don't be mad at me, maybe there's no more film in it and there's no picture" Tommy shrugged

"And maybe I'll just disappear just like my cousin did". "I guess we'll just have to wait and see!" Wendy snapped

A few days later Tommy bumped into Wendy coming down the school hallway

"Hey Wendy!" "No offense but I'd get off that diet." "If you lose any more weight you'll be just a bag of bones walking around!" Tommy laughed

"I'm not on a diet." "It doesn't matter how much I eat I lose weight, and it start the day after the picture" Wendy answered. Tommy was about to answer her back. When the late bell rang

"Well I better get going I don't want to be late for homeroom." "And lately I've been walking a lot slower then I used to." "I'll see you later" Wendy sighed

"Oh, my god!" "Have you guys seen Wendy lately?" "She looks like a tooth pick; I think she's sick or something" Vicky told them during lunch

"Yeah, I saw her outside holding on to the monkey bars for dear life." "I was afraid that if she let go; she would've been blown away," Puppy added

"She's not sick." Tommy took a picture of her with that stupid camera, which he brought from that creepy store." "And from that day she has been losing weight" Daisy told them

"Hey!" "I didn't do anything to her!" "The camera took a picture of her when it fell on the ground." Tommy frowned

The next day the gang went over to Wendy's house after school. When she opened the door, she looked worst then she did the day before

"I know you don't have to tell me." "I lost five pounds while I was sleeping" she sighed

"Oh wow!" maybe you should go see a doctor or something," Tommy told her. Once they were upstairs inside her room

"We both know that a doctor can't help me Tommy." She frowned

"Okay let's just say that's why." "So why don't we just rip up the picture and then maybe, everything will go back to normal again?" Tommy suggested

"But what if you do and she completely disappears" Puppy answered

"Hey!" "I think I just came up with a way that might help!" Vicky suddenly cried out

A few minutes later, they walked inside the local photo shop

"Hi, Mac" "I know this is kina short notices." "But I was hoping that you'd do me a favor if you could." Vicky asked the kid at the counter

"Yah sure what's up?"

Vicky gave him Wendy's picture and added

"I was wondering if you can take this picture and redo it."

"Umm I guess I could give it a try" Why don't you give me a few minutes, and I'll see what I can do for you." Mac answered her

Half an hour later Mac walked out of the back room

"Okay all done"

"So now what?" Sammy asked

"So now I guess we'll just have to see and wait." Vicky shrugged

The next morning the gang found Wendy waiting for them

"It worked!" "It really worked!" "I can't thank you enough!" She cried out happily. "And Tommy are you ready to smash the camera now?" She added

"Yep, Sammy and I are going back this afternoon and return it." "I don't care if I don't get my money back either. I just never want to see that thing ever again." He smiled

Later that day the boys were about to go inside the store when Rex came hopping up to them

"Hey Rex!" How's the paw?" Sammy asked him

"It's getting better the doctor says that the cast can come off in a few days." "So what can I help you, guys with?" He answered

"Oh, umm" "We're here to return the camera I won't be needing it anymore" Tommy told him. And before Rex could answer him his dad walked over to them and smiled

"Hey kids!" nice to see you again"

"Umm dad, they just came by to return that camera I told you about" Rex answered him

"Oh wow!" "I haven't seen one of these in years!" Rex's dad cried out as he took the camera. "Hey! How about taking a group picture!" He added

"Umm, no dad!" "That's okay!" "I don't think that's—

"Oh, stop being such a picture pooper Rex, now get closer together and say cheese!" He laughed. And before any of them could stop him. A big flash went off in their faces

Copyrights © belong to jaci 2006

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