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How we think VS. How we should
How we think VS. How we should

How we think VS. How we should



A place were mean girls make fun of the way you dress, jocks try everything in there power to make themself's look like the better person, and you think you have true friends you can count on.

Walking down the hall is like walking into the unknown...You really don't know whats going to happen and the second you do...its too late.

Its to late to say sorry, its too late to take back the hurtful words you've done said to someone. You meant well and you meant it as a joke, but sometimes...people don't see it as a joke.

They don't take the words "I was just kidding," seriously and then when you hear them say "You need to lighten up a bit," It kills you inside because you know that you take everything seriously, you know you can't help but over work yourself.

And then with that pople take it as your trying to be perfect, or your trying to be someone your not. You pretend to be one thing, but your really another and they don't know the real you.

You know that you don't try to be perfect people just assume it because your different than what they see. Your your own person and something thats hard to find that people spend there entire life looking for is..


You shouldn't care what people think, you shouldn't care how people act when your in a room, or care that people don't like you but the thing is...we do.

We care what people think because we believe that other people judgements about use matter and we try and change ourselfs to make society happy, but we don't. At the end of the day were going to be thought of as the same.

Then we cry...

We cry because we CAN'T make society happy, then when we mess up our personalities it becomes a guilty factor in our life and we can't change back because then they will notice that you DID try and change then it will became a comedy show for them.

We are all perfenct the way we are and yes there will ALWAYS be people that wil say you can't, but you don't need those people in your life.

And it doesn't always have to happen at school it could happen at work, or on a business trip. You just have to remember...YOU DON'T KNOW THOSE PEOPLE. You've only seen them in school or in one place.

So who are they to say who you are?

Author Notes: No one knows who you are so be like a pineapple...
*stand tall
*Wear a crown
*and be sweet on the inside
because no one likes a sour, unsweetened pineapple

Edited: January 12, 2020

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About The Author
About This Story
21 May, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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