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By heartbreaks - 3 Reviews

It was a myth to me as of what was taking place in my apartment.A man walked the halls of my aparment gathering faces.I spotted my mothers fadora next to the elevator door.What i also saw was her body.Lifeless and cold looking her face was blacked out.AS i hid away behind my apartment door the creature walked franticly down the hallway.In a quick move i ran towards the window were i hid under a table.My body was shacking in horror.Then the door started to crick.THe man like creature limped in.His body smelled of death.His hand driped of blood.On his body were what apeared to be a million faces.I spotted my mothers face and she appeared to be whispering to me "help me". The faces on his body were still alive.Next to her face i spotted a flask whitch apeared to be filled with blood.In horror i kicked the table.The creature turned around to invistigate.I was thought i was destined to die.I whispered over and over "im going to die". Then suddenly a large doberman ran by.The creature charged at it.I franticly got up and lifted the window.I then climbed the wires to let my self down.When i reached the ground I was in a war zone.Lotting trangressors were every were.The creature spotted them and began to murder.I found myself behind i trash can ducking for death.The creature sniffed me out.I found myself in shock .As i looked death in the face I then realized that i would be joining the faces on his body.

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11 Dec, 2008
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