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By heartbreaks - 1 Review

It was a myth to me as of what was taking place in my apartment.A man walked the halls of my aparment gathering faces.I spotted my mothers fadora next to the elevator door.What i also saw was her body.Lifeless and cold looking her face was blacked out.AS i hid away behind my apartment door the creature walked franticly down the hallway.In a quick move i ran towards the window were i hid under a table.My body was shacking in horror.Then the door started to crick.THe man like creature limped in.His body smelled of death.His hand driped of blood.On his body were what apeared to be a million faces.I spotted my mothers face and she appeared to be whispering to me "help me". The faces on his body were still alive.Next to her face i spotted a flask whitch apeared to be filled with blood.In horror i kicked the table.The creature turned around to invistigate.I was thought i was destined to die.I whispered over and over "im going to die". Then suddenly a large doberman ran by.The creature charged at it.I franticly got up and lifted the window.I then climbed the wires to let my self down.When i reached the ground I was in a war zone.Lotting trangressors were every were.The creature spotted them and began to murder.I found myself behind i trash can ducking for death.The creature sniffed me out.I found myself in shock .As i looked death in the face I then realized that i would be joining the faces on his body.

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11 Dec, 2008

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lemonslice gave a rating of 1

Impressive to get this much told in so few words. However, it's in desperate need of revision because it's difficult to read. Lots of grammar and spelling mistakes, unfortunately.

28 Dec, 2016 0

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