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As the horn of Simon's car signalled Kassandra's feet to step down the her house, Amelia sitting beside him was bumfuzzled in deciding what Kasaandra's excuse will be for leaving her PG abode. "Hey there,what took you so long?", excalimed Amelia

"To be honest, I drained every ounce of my energy to convince Mrs. James this time, but she allowed just ten minutes to get back home!", replied Kassandra.

This conversaton was a regular part of their day to go out for late night ice creams. Mrs. Jmes was the landlady of Kassandra's habitation. She was a short,bony, and an easily infuriated woman who had huge inquisitive eyes to clutch everything of her observation right in front of her. After Kassandra's parents passed away in an accident, Mrs. James brought her up and took great care of her. In the next twenty minutes, Kasaandra was dropped home and so was Amelia from Simon's four wheeler. Amelia stayed in girls hostel whereas Simon had a huge mansion under the name of his politician father. One year passed by too fast. The trio's canteen moments with chilled iced mocha covered frothy,late night ice creams, obnoxious early mornings to complete college projects and the best parties after completion of every semester flashed their minds together.

" I cant believe its the last year of our college",utttered Simon. Amelia added," We are going to live even better lives after this".

"Wont you miss us"?

" You and kassandra will never be forgotten , I will not MISS you, I will cherish you both always!"

Listening to this, Kassandra immediately hugged both of them and promised to stay in touch forever. She then, holding her tears requested Simon and Amelia for one last ice cream get together at 8:45PM that day. Both of them agreed with alacrity.

It was 21st of April at 8:45 sharp, Amelia waited for Simon to come pick her up from her hostel. One hour passed by, and he didnt come. She called countless times, but no answer still. She was just about to swoon when Kassandra too didnt answer her 38 calls and a number of texts and voicemails. Something was unusual, she could feel her heart pump as fast as it could. The next moment, she recieved a call-


"Is this Amelia Wilson?"

"Yes, who's this?"

"This is inspector Lory speaking. Maam we are sorry to inform that Mr. Simon Grypwell's dead, this was the last dialed number on his phone, please reach at his address for further investigation."

Amelia lost the grip of her mobile in her hand. With tears in her eyes, she had a nonplus reaction. She felt numb, it was execrable for her to realise that Simon is no more. So she decided to take Kassandra along with her to Simon's place. But she wanted to eschew Kassandra's reaction after informing her about Simon's death. Amelia called upon a taxi and stopped by at Kassandra's home. She faced Kassandra at the entrance with a complete blank look. She stared at Amelia and said, " Simon-we have lost him."Amelia was shocked to see her friend's fettle.She peaceably lifted her up, made her sit in the taxi and took her to meet Simon for one last time. When they reached Simon's mansion,his body engroosed on the floor, got them sobbing for hours. The investigation went on further. Then came Amelia's birthday, when she got a phone call from police stating the presence of some medicines with Kassandra's fingerprints on it. Everything was fine until she got to know about schizophrenia-an illness in which a person loses touch with reality and starts using its sub conscious mind too without the conscious brain know about the happenings from Mrs.James. She didnt want to trust her senses pointing towards Kassandra being the murderer of their best friend Simon.This put her in a predicament. It fellt like a big puddle she mistakenly slipped in,completely unexpected,unreal and unwanted. She then requested the police to not let Kassandra know anything about this and even notified this illness to the officer in charge. The most shocking fact which unfolded the mystery was that Kassandra was on regular medication since around three months. Mrs James told that it was her idea to take her to the doctor and help her when she noticed Kassandra talking to her imaginary 'friend' for hours with no one sitting beside her. It was all crystal clear that her sub conscious mind had commited a murder and it had nothing to do with who Kassandra was and what her friends meant for her. On the same day, Amelia met Kassandra and pretended completely normal. The birthday girl was hugged and wished a happy birthday from Kassandra. Amelia, to her response simply nodded with a a shrug and replied-

"Can I ask you something as a gift on my special day?"


"I need your time and patience to help you recover."

"Recover-from what?"

With a sympathetic look, Amelia gently moved her hand on Kassandra's shoulder and sighed,"Everything will be fine soon",

Four months to that day, the results of the treatment were quite satisfying. Her mental health was at ease until that day. Time stopped when one day, Amelia took Kassandra to the police sation to hand her over to the Police not as her friend but as Simon's murderer.

"Why are we here Amelia?"

With a frown on her face, she said,"I cant let injustice happen to Simon. Kassandra, it was you who murdered Simon when you were mentally unstable under the control of schizophrenia.Now you seem fine and you must pay for your sins!"

Clueless Kassandra with teary golden eyes,shook her head and grinned-"Perhaps you wont be able to give justice to the next murder on 21st April at 8:45 SHARP!"

Author Notes: Thank you so much for taking time to read this story. I hope you had a great time reading it❤️.

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17 Aug, 2020
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