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Fairies in the Flower Garden

Fairies in the Flower Garden

By SharonKrager

Fairies in the Flower Garden
My name is Leah, and when I was young and growing up, we had fairies in the flower garden. As far as I know, I was the only one that ever saw the fairies. They would come around when I was playing in the garden and they kept me company. The number is still unknown because there were new ones all of the time.
The house that we lived in was an old brick two story with a large back yard. Since I was an only child, I spent a lot of time by myself out in the flower garden. My Mother always had the prettiest flowers I had ever seen. She got compliments on it all of the time. There were gladiolas, irises, dahlias, marigolds, roses and wild flowers. I helped her keep the garden free of weeds and watered it when it was dry.
The first time I saw a fairy, I was six years old. I remember it very well. It was late afternoon, school was out for the day, and I went to sit in the garden with one of my little dolls. There was a gentle breeze, the sun was still out, and underneath a large leaf I heard a rustling. I thought it was a spider or a mouse, but this tiny little figure with wings came crawling out. I rubbed my eyes thinking I was seeing things. The tiny winged figure fluttered and rose straight up in the air in front of my face. Its little body was so sweet looking. It was about as big as a humming bird. I wasn't afraid of it, but it sure did take me by surprise. It never said a word or made a sound, it just flew around me as I sat there playing. At one point it landed on the bench beside me.
The time I spent there was probably about thirty minutes, and the fairy stayed with me until I stood up to leave. At that point it completely disappeared. As I walked toward the house I looked back several times, but never saw it again that day.
After that first time seeing the one fairy, I saw them every time I went there playing alone. Sometimes there was only one, but other times there were three or four of them. They never made a sound, just stayed with me flying around.
I told my Mother and Father about them. I even told some of my friends and other family members. No one ever took me seriously.
We lived in that old house the entire time I was growing up. The fairies were a constant companion to me and I enjoyed every minute of it. Since they were with me, I never felt alone.
When I was around thirteen, I tried to take pictures of them with a camera I had gotten for my birthday. When I took the pictures of them, they never showed up when the pictures were developed. I always thought that was strange. It was as if they really didn't exist. But I know that they did.
It was hard to see them and not be able to convince other people that they were for real. With not being able to take a picture of them, there was no evidence.
I never wished that they weren't there. Growing up with something like that happening to you, you just take it for granted.
Since I am grown now, and live far away from the place where I grew up, I don't think about them as much. I would love to go back there and just sit where the garden was to see it they would come back to let me see them again.
The last time I saw them was when I turned seventeen. We sold the house and moved right after that. I do not know what happened to the fairies. They did not appear to me again after that. My childhood would have been so different without the fairies. They were always there for me.

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12 Mar, 2014
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3 mins
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