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A Fairy Tale
A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale


Once upon a time there lived a big bad Wolf. He was always hungry, always searching in the forest for little girls or pigs. There had only been one person to escape the wolf; she was the little Red Riding Hood. Ever since she had escaped the wolf with the help of the lumberjack, she always tried to help possible victims of the bad wolf. Soon after the incident with the wolf the Little Red Riding Hood came upon three little pigs who were building their houses. The first little pig was starting to build his house out of straw, the second little pig was starting build his house out sticks, and the third pig was building his house out bricks. Repetitive The little Red Riding Hood knew that they were trying to build shelter from the wolf. She noticed that the first two houses where too flimsy to stand up to the breath of the wolf. The Little Red Riding Hood , decided to help them because they were potential victims of the wolf and she had promised herself, to help any easy prey of the scary animal no matter the shape or size. She went up to them and introduced herself:

“Hello I’m the Little red riding hood,” she explained.

“Ohh, hello there we were just building our new houses, you see!” the first pig said said eagerly.

“Do you know who I am?” she asked.

“Well of course, you just told me genius, you’re the Little Red Riding Hood, ” the first little pig said spiritedly.

After introducing herself, the Little Red Riding Hood explained that she is the only person to have escaped the big bad wolf, and tried to get the pigs to trust her advice. She told the first two pigs that their houses where too flimsy and that the wolf could very easily blow them to pieces. She said that they should probably build their house out of stronger material like their brother. The Little Red Riding Hood saw that the sun was starting to come down, and remembered that her mother told her to be back before sundown. She quickly said goodbye to the three little pigs and rushed home.

The next morning the Little Red Riding Hood swiftly made her way to the three little pigs’s houses only to discover that there was only one house standing. She rushed in the house holding a stick, because the big bad wolf had clearly come. She entered the brick house and saw the three pigs having soup with the wolf. She was no longer the only one to have escaped The Big Bad Wolf.

Author Notes: Hi really hope you enjoyed this story (Fairy Tale). Don't hesitate to leave a review if you have the time.

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14 Mar, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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