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Fairy Tales can come true

Fairy Tales can come true

By britneynumber1


Once there was a girl, a magical little girl. She believed in witches and fairies or any other supernatural being. She reads fairytale books everyday. Or are they fairytales? Sarah, the little girl, was special in her little own ways. But her parents didn't believe her, no one did actually. But her little mind of hers just couldn't take all of this on her own at once. One other little girl named Abbie, she believed some of what Sarah believed, but she never knew for sure either. Abbie and Sarah came home from school everyday and stayed up and read books about witches, fairies, and dragons. Abbie and Sarah believe that Chinese dragons might not all be from China; "Sarah, are you sure we should be reading about this, at this late of night?" "Maybe you're right, lets go to bed." So they went to bed. Both of them had bad dreams about Chinese dragons attacking them with balls of fire. The next morning, both of the girls started screaming and crying. Sarah's parents came up the stairs to Sarah's room. "Sarah, what is the matter?" "Mom, Dad, dragons,fire!" Sarah said. "Dragons,fire?" Sarah's mom, Felecia, looked in Sarah's bookcase and found 2 or 3 dragon books. "Honey, you shouldn't be reading about this, it don't even exist!" her mom said. Abbie and Sarah just kept their opinions to theirself, and went to school. When they got on the school bus, they saw one of their friends, Damion. Sarah sat by Damion on the bus and asked him "Damion, do you believe in dragons, witches, any of that stuff?" "Ha! That's kid stuff", and he started to laugh at her.

Sarah sat there quietly with Abbie until she got to school, Sarah started crying. "What's wrong?" asked Abbie. "What if no one believes us?" Sarah said sadly. Then she got off the school bus, and went into the school building with Abbie. They were in 4th grade, with Mrs. Welch, their Teacher. Abbie and Sarah were really quiet during school. Today, they were having an ice-cream party. The teacher said "Abbie, Vanilla or Strawberry?" "Strawberry" she said. "Sarah, Vanilla or Strawberry?" she said. "None." Sarah said. "Sarah, why don't you want any ice-cream?" "I just don't." Sarah said madly. "You need to forget all about this fairytale stuff Sarah!" Abbie said. "It is not the fact of the fairytales, it is the fact of people not believing or understanding me, what if it was real, and they saw one? Then they would believe me?" Sarah said. "Adults don't believe kids that much Sarah, you know that." Abbie said. "Mrs. Welch?" Sarah said. "Yes,Sarah?" Mrs. Welch said. "Can I have some Vanilla Ice cream?" said Sarah. "Sure, Sarah!" Mrs. Welch said.

The school bell rang. "Guys, your homework for tonight is write a 2 page report on your favorite animal. Due by tomorrow." Mrs. Welch said. Well Sarah never went home with Abbie today, but they talked on the phone half the day. "Abbie, what are you gonna do your report on?" said Sarah on the phone. "I think I want to do a Koala bear, that is my favorite animal" Abbie said. "I want to do mine on a Kangaroo." Sarah said. Oh my gosh! It is 5 'o' clock? I better get to writing! So Abbie and Sarah wrote a 2 page report on their favorite animal, just like Mrs. Welch said. The next morning they went to school and ate breakfast. "Yeah! French toast, my favorite!" Sarah said. "I don't care for french toast, so I am having a regular piece of toast with peanut butter." Abbie said.

So they ate their breakfast and went to class. "Abbie,Sarah, do you have your reports done?" said Mrs. Welch. "Yes, Mrs. Welch." Both of the girls said at the same time. "Okay please let me have them............both of them are great, great spelling, punctuation looks in order, Great Work guys!" said Mrs. Welch. "Thanks." said Abbie. Sarah felt a little better about the dragons, so she wasn't quite so sad that day. The school bell rang, and they went home, Abbie went into Sarah's house. "Guys, I am having fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy okay?" said Sarah's mom. "Yum!" They both said at the same time. So they went up to Sarah's room and never even payed close attention on the dragon books. They played in Sarah's dollhouse instead. When dinner was done, "Abbie,Sarah, dinner time!" Sarah's mom said. "We're coming!" they said. It was a Friday, so Abbie and Sarah had a sleepover. Sarah was reading about fairies this time. They went to sleep, and had dreams about fairies throwing fairie dust in their face.

They were screaming and crying the next morning. "Girls what's wrong, please don't tell me this is about the dragons again!" said Sarah's Dad. "Fairies!" they said. "Oh, girls, it is a Saturday, let's go to Buffie's Icecream and get us some icecream, okay?"said Sarah's mom. "Okay!" they said. So they went and got icecream and ate it. Then Abbie went home to tell her mom about the dream. "Mom, do you believe in fairies?" said Abbie. "What century are you in Abbie?" said her mother. Abbie never said another word. She went outside and sat on the bench. Sarah was playing fetch with her dog outside, and saw Abbie crying softly. "Abbie, what's wrong?" said Sarah. "Why don't anyone believe us?" said Abbie. "Oh Abbie, come in to my house, we are having chicken strips with baked potatoes for dinner, come on!"said Sarah. "Okay"said Abbie. "Abbie, what are you doing here?" said Sarah's dad. "I found her on the park bench crying."said Sarah. "She said no one believes her."said Sarah. "Come on in, I guess."said Sarah's mom.

Abbie told her mom the next day what she thought. "Abbie, all you had to do was tell me, I believe you."said Abbie's mom.

And they never read or thought about fairytales ever again.

The End

By: Britney Sheppard

Author Notes: Please read and enjoy!

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13 Apr, 2013
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