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Fairytale or Reality

Fairytale or Reality

By philk1

A lonely Dragon was searching for a magic potion that would put out his fire so he could have friends that would not end up burnt both sides and vowing they would never have dinner with him again.
In his Wandering he came across a beautiful magical princess, before he knew it she had cast a spell bewitching him quenching his flames.
Now as you know, a dragon without fire becomes a prince who must win the heart of a princess so he can become a King and thus have a kingdom.
This is not as easy as it seems because the more beautiful the princess the harder it is to win her heart and princess Elvira was the most beautiful of all.
Her long Auburn flamed hair fell across bewitching eyes that commanded and tore into the soul of anyone she chose to gaze upon.
She did not steal hearts, they were given to her freely as many desired to win her heart and become her king.
So our prince was no different and he sought her love but without a kingdom to give her she banished him and he knew that he could only return when he had a kingdom that was fit for a queen.

The princess had sent many a prince on this quest before and sadly none had returned and so she stayed in her ivory tower alone waiting for the next prince to come passing by.
Many years ago She had once been a toad that had warts and spat poison whenever she felt threatened , it is not an easy life being a toad, no one loves you, toads don’t even like themselves and all you do all day is catch flies and jump with other toads.
However an old wizard who practised black magic came upon her one day and offered to transform her into the most beautiful princess in exchange for her freedom.
What is freedom worth when you are a toad???
So Elvira went to live with the old wizard as his beautiful princess but although she looked like a princess the magician knew she was really a toad and treated her like one.
She knew she had to escape and now she had her magic beauty to help her so while the wizard was out one day, she fled her prison and ran away.
However she thought when she escaped she would regain her freedom back but black magic spells are not so easily broken and she misses it still, searching for it , she stays in a prison of her own making.

The Prince set out searching for a kingdom travelling many miles not quite knowing where he was going and everywhere he went he asked “do you know the way” ?????
One day he came across another fairy princess, she tried to bewitch him but he was still under Elvira’s spell and so she let him go on with his journey telling him that kingdoms are not found they are created.
With a heavy heart and missing his love he stopped searching and started dreaming.
The dreams took him far far away into an unknown universe where he fought dragons and demons and toads.
The dragons burnt him, the demons tortured him and toads spat poison at him but he knew that he had kissed a toad and she had turned into a princess but the magic had gone.
He was well and truly bewitched, cursed maybe and he was lost in this strange world that left him fighting battles he did not want to fight but his need for a kingdom drove him on.
He had become a dragon once again, burning everything, he so needed Elvira to quench his fire and he was wounded and hurt and angry and sad.
A black cloud had settled over him and followed him and he threw curses at it to make it go away.
Calling for help from his magic fairy that he had forgotten looked after him and loved him, she sat on his leg and gave him a key that she said he must use if he wanted to be a happy king.

It is a magic key of course and it can open many doors for you, it is a key to fear, sadness, happiness, love and most importantly of all to understanding she said
Is it the key to my dreams, can i free Elvira from her tower and will she become my queen??? He asked.
Yes its the key to your kingdom but Elvira must use her own key to free herself and only then can she become a queen and only then will she will decide on a king.
So with the key to his destiny in his hand, he blew a kiss of love and good wishes to both his magic fairy and Elvira and set out on his journey to become a king that would be fit for a queen.
Awake now, he knew where he wanted to go but did not have a map to follow that would get him there. His old map was very very old and the world had changed so much that to follow it would just get him lost.
Where could he find a new map he wondered, he heard his magic fairy whisper in his ear, “ha, have you forgotten already? Open the door that leads to it but don’t forget to throw away the old map first”.

The door of the future opened wide, it was dark, there was nothing beyond, he felt afraid but he knew his destiny lay within and so he entered.
He could see nothing, not even the old map in his hand.
There is nothing here, he said aloud and a beautiful voice replied yes there is , there is you and you are something.
But he felt alone and could see nothing in the dark so he closed his eyes and only then did he begin to see a light, just a crystal light of many colours, maybe his magic fairy.
He closed his eyes even more firmly and let himself drift towards the light and he saw a knight with a sword bowing to his queen who held her own sword but was anointing him her king.
They then rode together triumphant on horses through there kingdom being blessed and given gifts by people who loved them.
Then the king and queen worked hard to expand their kingdom and through their actions of faith and love, it became a universe where they lived, happily ever after. 
Hahaha , he laughed, was life so simple to have such a dream.
“It can be” the voice said but first let go of your old world, throw away your old map and start to create the roads that connect your dreams to reality.

He let go of the old map and walked a long way through a forest covered in wild mushrooms and blueberries, the air tasted of the pine trees carried by the wind that blew across sparkling fresh lakes.
He realised that he was lost and going nowhere just round in circles but it was familiar to him and he remembered where he was and he knew why he was there.
He was in the past and did not want to leave because it was perfect.
She was there still, searching for mushrooms and laughing happily when she found them hiding away from her under the trees.
She was a nymph, the magic sparkled in her eyes and reflected the sunshine on to a perfect world.
Jumping in to the exhilaratingly cold lakes naked took his breath away but her beauty blew him away to a place where he wanted to be always and he was with her.
How can you let go of the past when it was so perfect but he knew that he had to find a way out so the future could take place.
He ate mushroom soup with her, walked with her arm in arm, felt her magic, kissed her and headed for the highest hill alone to map a way out, hoping that she would too find her way.

The Princess was still in her tower still attracting princes who were hypnotised by her beauty and she saw herself in the reflection of her would be suitor’s eyes.
She saw her beauty of soul and spirit and knew why they loved her and would become the princess for awhile but underneath she hid the toad and the chains of the past that held her.
When she felt like a princess, she was and when she felt like a toad she was, so she would keep the toad a secret and only want to be with a prince when she was a princess.
However Princes in love find they want to be with her and the more they are with her the more chance they have of seeing the toad and when the toad appears then she is undone and she cannot understand why anyone could love a toad and so she drives them away even if they wish to stay.
She had waited for a prince to break this spell but no longer did she believe it possible so she said “this is the way i am and i always will be so”
Fortunately for princess Elvira magic was afoot to break the spell and she could free herself from the toad and the chains of the past.
The magic spell was being written for her but would she read it??? Only time will tell.

Stars shine brighter the darker it is and from the hill top he stood watching shooting stars fly across the universe still on their journey which had lasted 15 billion years already.
For it was all that time ago that there was nothing, its lonely and sad being nothing though and so nothing desired to become something.
This meant that the self destruction of itself, nothing exploded and became something.
All the magic particles of the nothing were dispersed in the new born universe where everything from the fireball like suns to particles so TINY that they could not even be imagined flew.
Now as the particles of nothing flew, they connected with other particles and joined together and so its still happening right under our very noses.
There are more possibilities than probabilities and so everything is possible and nothing is probable.
So he was something and Elvira was something else and as in the proof of everything under the stars, he wanted to share her life.
So he picked up a blank page and started to draw the new map that would reconnect them.

He followed the new map that he kept in his heart to a large locked dark rusty gate and by its state had not been opened for years.
His magic key in hand, the gate fell open to reveal a long tunnel lined with gold and although he was dazzled by the gold, he heard the roar of a dragon and felt the heat of its breath as it flew towards him.
Realising he had to conquer this other dragon, his fire rose in his stomach and spat out the inferno towards the other dragon and so the two fought, burning each other and tearing each other with viciously sharp claws.
They were evenly matched, finally they were both tired and retreated, wounded and one called to the other “Who are you”?? and the words rang as an echo through the tunnel.
I am a dragon on a quest to become a king fit for a queen he replied
Hahaha you come to steal my gold so you can have a kingdom the dragon of the tunnel bellowed.
If that is what i must do to have a kingdom, then yes!!!!!
You don’t need to steal it maybe you can give me something in exchange for it suggested the tunnel dragon. So he asked what he could offer for the dazzling gold
I just ask you for what i paid for it and that is my soul It is worth it, you will have the gold, it is better than anything. You can buy anything from whoever wants to sell to you
But what about love, can you buy love??? You don’t need love, you only need gold, what else will someone sell their soul for screeched the tunnel dragon.

So you cannot buy love with all your gold, nor feel love without your soul, you have nothing to sell that i want or need but i offer you something more valuable than your gold and i give it you for free he said to the tunnel dragon.
You try to trick me, i do not trust you and you want my gold for free the tunnel dragon spat at him.
Yes i do but only to help you regain your soul, i ask you to choose to give your gold away and you will grow a new soul born out of your faith and courage in letting go of your burden.
If you speak the truth, can you prove it to me for words are easy to give away when they cost nothing. Pay the price i ask for the gold and then you give it away and regain your soul!!!!
He looked at his map to check that he had to pass this way for it was a dangerous road indeed where he could easily lose his way.
What is your name? he asked the tunnel dragon, why i thought you knew me for i am temptation and we have met before he replied and the only way through my tunnel is to give me what i want.
I have sworn to myself never to sell my soul again and i have nothing to prove to you dragon and i will find another way to fulfil my quest and he turned to leave.
Wait replied the tunnel dragon, i am defeated this time and you can pass for you are on the right road on your quest to be a king. Princess Elvira will have to pass this way too if she is to be a queen, I wonder if she will sell that beautiful soul to me he laughed.

Leaving the tunnel he came out into a deep forest with many tracks meandering through it, as he opened his map and pondered which one to take a large toad appeared from out of the forest.
It looked at him and transformed into his princess with her elf like magical eyes smiling at him, once again she worked her magic and he was her prince again.
He wanted to hold her but as he advanced, she stepped back smiling and giggling lovingly at him.
Elvira come to me and let us quest for a kingdom together for without your touch and your kisses it is a long and hard journey.
He loved her and she knew and loved him and hated him for it too.
He reached for her and as he touched her she became a toad and spat at him, he reared back and suddenly he was a dragon again and burnt her with his fire.
Do you see what happens when we are together, we bring out the worst in each other, together we are cursed,
You cannot love a toad and that is what i am so do what you want to do but i have my own journey to make.
The dragon singed elvira slightly and said do you think anyone can love a dragon, no one wants to be burnt and we do have a curse but it is a curse that we can be something better than we are when we together. Our souls entwine and life is magical.
I live in reality dragon and your quest to share a magical kingdom with me is but a fantasy.
Elvira then transformed into a princess once again, kissed the prince and as love surged through them, she vanished into the forest
She was gone but the prince could still feel her in his heart and knew she felt him in hers too, he wanted to follow her but did not know which track she had taken.
He breathed deeply and knew he was a dragon again when he burnt his own foot, he missed her already.
His magic fairy appeared sensing his sadness and comforted him by telling him that it didn’t matter which track he took and all would be well.
How do you know he asked?? Look it is written in the sky she said waving her wand but he could see nothing but clouds as he looked up.
There is nothing but clouds fairy, hahahahah she laughed and pointing she said Look at that white fluffy cloud.
Why its in the shape of a dragon and look what it pursues and there was a smiling toad and beyond that is clear blue sky with the sun shining brightly, see that is your destiny and she will be there too.
So with his heart full of hope he picked a path that was the clearest and obviously the most walked upon and set out knowing his destiny was above him and he just had to follow the sun to get there..

The path soon became hard to follow as the forest grew thick around it and blocked out the sun and the clear blue sky and suddenly he felt doubt about where he was going.
He pushed on uneasily as the forest became darker and denser wondering why he was on this track and should he turn back but he knew there was no going back only forward if he was to succeed in his quest.
Then he came upon a clearing in the forest where the sun shone brightly, under the shade of a Fir tree that sat along the side of a crystal clear lake was a wooden table with a bench seat either side.
A strange looking man was cooking sausages over a fire with a big smile on his face and as his eyes locked on the dragon he could see he did not have a care in the world.
This was a happy man. A man with no fear or anger, a man who could not be defeated by dragon or toad.
Hello dragon would you like to sit down and share a sausage and perhaps play a game with me he asked politely.
Now dragons like to be treated politely and with respect although it rarely happens due to the fear of being burnt to a cinder so the dragon finished cooking the sausages quickly and said he would like to sit with the man.
What are you doing here he asked the man?? I am not sure dragon, it was an unexpected turn of events but i never want to leave this place, maybe i always want to feel like i do now?
How do you feel? I feel loved like i am so special and valued so much and its magic, i am bewitched and i want to share my happiness that she gives me and i love her for it. It is perfect!!!!
The Dragon looked round for the woman but he could see no one. Where is this creature that gives you so much love and happiness he politely asked the man.
She is in my heart and my soul but she is not here in her physical form, she left but sometimes she returns.
I don’t understand said the dragon, the man laughed and with a big smile on his face said, do you think i do???
All i know is i live here and i should leave but i don’t want to because i am happy here and i will only leave to meet Elvira somewhere else if she wants me there.
Elvira!!!!! boomed the dragon, his fiery breath burning what was left of the sausages to a cinder. Why was my princess Elvira here with you he questioned?
She brought me here to bewitch me and she did, i gave her my heart and she loved me said the man with sparkling blue eyes.
I am on the quest for a kingdom so i can be a king and i wish for her to choose to be my queen for she has my heart too.
Where did you come from dragon??? I come from the universe where anything is possible as long as you don’t fear it replied the dragon.
I live where i choose to live and where it is a beautiful paradise and there is nothing to fear. Here nothing happens except what has already happened and everyday is the same. I walk and laugh and love and i am so happy to be here with her picking mushrooms in the forest, sharing kisses and joy.
Hahaha laughed the dragon you live in the past world and i live in the fantasy world 
Would you like to play a game of chess the man said pointing to where the board lay on the table obviously a little uncomfortable that he had a rival for Elvira’s love in the shape of the dragon.
That dragon also was a little threatened by this happy man who carried his princess in his heart and soul.
So they agreed to play.
They were quite equal combatants, pushing up there pawns in groups as they were weak on their own but could be quite formidable if they moved together.
The dragon pushed his queen into the attack early and found himself out flanked by the mans knights and pawns.
He had no choice but to let his queen fall and the dragon felt the pain of losing her whilst the man with laughing eyes and a discreet smile advanced towards his king,
He was clever this man and he respected him for the way he played the game but he was gullible too for the man thinks i am beaten thought the dragon.
Despite being several pieces behind, the dragon changed the momentum and managed to pressure the man into making a mistake and thus the man lost his queen too.
The man laughed as the dragon took his queen and said
Dragon don’t you think that it is ironic that we both need a queen now and it seems we both want the same one!!!!
The game ended finally in a stalemate with both of them not caring about winning the game but wondering if they could win the hand of their queen.
It is time for me to continue my quest now, will you remain here??? the dragon asked.
Not all the time, sometimes i am riding a motorbike along sun drenched beaches or wandering along city streets looking at architecture, i am wherever i feel her next to me.
Why do you do this he asked the man, you know why dragon, the past is where i am with her, i carry this sarong, its hers, she gave it to me, i can still smell her hair and her body and feel so close when i have it.
Where do you go Dragon? I follow the map that i carry in my heart and it seems if i trust it all will be well as all roads lead to my princess.
Do you think she wants to be a queen though Dragon????
Maybe she does not, maybe she just wants to be a woman loved by a man that she loves in the place called reality and maybe that is where i am destined to reach if i am to succeed.
I need to leave my world because i want to live in hers even though she can make heaven seem like hell and turn hell into heaven. If we can make our world together then we will balance and inspire each other to great love and a world where we want to share our lives together.
I think your right dragon, somehow i need to let go of her as much as it hurts and let go of the past so as to have hope of a future with her.
Hope!!!!! Laughed the dragon. if you don’t hope, you dont have disappointment but what would life be without hope.
She has hopes too. Good luck to all of us for we all need it to find the balance we all need to achieve and live our dreams in a new reality
The Dragon left the glade where the happy man lived and followed a track back into the dark forest.
He had to trust his senses more than his sight but knew he was on the right track when he saw the eyes looking at him, they were beautiful hazel eyes of an angel or so he thought and so as they appeared and disappeared ahead of him on the track, he followed.
Just when he thought he was lost, the eyes would appear and smile at him, they called to him and he knew he was once again bewitched and it was Elvira he followed and she wanted him to follow her.
After many hours her eyes disappeared and as the dragon decided to wait for her to reappear, he breathed on a pile of dead wood and it burst into flame lighting the darkness.
He sat down next to the fire to wait and before too long he felt something circling the light from the fire and with an aloofness and indifference to him being there a large Auburn cat appeared.
Elvira’s eyes focussed on him and sauntered casually towards him touching him with her tail casually as she passed him before circling round his legs before sitting down in front of him, she began to clean herself.
She was meticulous and every movement of her grooming made her more beautiful, he reached out for her and she miaowed and moved away a little from him with her eyes saying not yet dragon.
When she had finally finished her grooming she sauntered towards him, gave him a look of warning to be careful and jumped elegantly and carefully onto his lap.
She then swished her tail and invited him to touch her and as he did so he felt her body vibrate under the soft purring coming from her.

He felt the change in him and was a prince again as he pushed his hands gently stroking her from her swishing tail to scratching her neck and all the time ecstasy fulfilled them both as she purred and the prince hummed with contentment.
Suddenly the cat who had turned on her back while he stroked her stomach hissed and her eyes flashed as she struck out with her claws and teeth attacking his hands and drawing blood.
Then as she leapt from his knee, he blew fire at her as the dragon reappeared.
Why do you hurt me when we were so happy together he questioned the angry cat sitting swishing her tail, staring harshly at him.
I am a cat, it is in my nature to be this way, do you think just because i love you to touch me that you can own me, no one owns a cat she proclaimed proudly.
He knew it was true and still he ached to take her once more into his lap despite knowing she would scar him with her claws
What am i to do then cat????? Do what you want she replied
He then reached out for her and held her struggling body close to his heart, she stopped struggling and looked at him with love and hatred.
You are dangerous, i don’t trust you, you will break my heart if i give it to you and she was afraid as she spoke that what she feared most would break her curse and she would be free after all these years.
As he released her, she ran away back into the dark forest

The dragon watched her go with sadness in his heart and puzzled as to why she thought he would ever want to break her heart as he would surely break his own if he did so.
Feeling his grief, his magic fairy appeared smiling at him
Do not despair for the magic will be there for both of you when the time is right and your real journey will then begin together.
When will this happen fairy, when you both wish it at the same time but first you must both free yourself from the chains of the past and the fear of letting go.
Then you will both be free to be who you really want to be.
When you feel lost dragon, you are but it is only your feeling so find yourself and when you feel love for Elvira, it is only your feeling but she feels it too and as much as she fears it she wants you to succeed in your quest as your destiny is entwined, your success shall be hers too.
So open the map in your heart and choose your path for your journey awaits and then disappeared blowing him a magical kiss as she did so.
He chose the path that the cat had taken as he hoped that he would catch sight of her eyes watching him make his way through the darkness and he would willingly suffer a few scratches to be with her again.

Whilst the dragon was willing to risk a few scratches the man he met in the glade was risking a new reality, a harsh on, one that was real.
He had been in his paradise with Elvira and somehow he had lost her, missed her and he wanted her and he knew it would not be easy to find a new paradise to share with her.
So he took the hardest way he could find and found himself injured in a fight with a money dragon and was unable to follow his normal trade.
So needs must and he set out working for other dragons doing work he was unused to for a pittance but he knew that he had to start again in this new world.
Demons challenged him with self doubts but every day she touched him in his head, hurry up and get rich she said.
She was right to want a man that could fulfil her dreams of love and adventure combined with a home that she could feel relaxed and comfortable and happy in.
He was also right to desire to be with the most beautiful woman he had ever known and so he toils in the knowledge that he can build a future and if destiny gives them another chance, dreams may come true.

The path the dragon took was full of hope too, he could not see where he was going or where it led but he knew it would lead to somewhere he had to go in order to succeed in his quest.
It was no surprise to the dragon when he came to a large wall blocking his way with no apparent way around it and he could hear the break of waves on a beach with dogs barking happily and laughter ringing out.
Only this wall stood in his way and he understood that there were no door in it that his magic key could unlock and allow him to see what was on the other side.
He called on his fairy to help him but she said i cannot help you for it is your wall, you created it and only you can take it down.
Why would i build such a wall he asked her, to protect yourself from hurt she replied and the bricks and mortar that created it are made of the pains, fears and problems that you do not want to deal with.
The Dragon was puzzled, was he not fearless, brave and willing to do almost anything to have a kingdom and the beautiful Elvira as queen. As the sounds of the happy world rang over the wall he charged with all his strength breathing fire and crashed into the wall.
He was hurt and injured as he bounced back shaken from the impact but the wall was unmarked and stood resolute and strong in front of him.
Stubbornness and pride took over the dragon and he charged day and night without any damage to the wall only to himself. Finally exhausted he gave up and fell into an uneasy sleep.

As the rain pelted down, the dragon awoke to find himself covered by the mud the increasing rain had swollen from the earth. Looking up at the impenetrable wall his line of sight followed it into the dark black clouds above him.
He breathed on himself lightly to warm himself but no fire came and the strength to get up failed him, he stared at the wall that had defeated him.
Elvira i have failed you, will you forgive me he shouted out at the angry clouds and a very angry toad replied i do not have the power to forgive you Dragon.
She sat squarely in front of the horizontal dragons eyes and her piercing eyes accused him for his weakness. You ask me for forgiveness when i never expected anything from you, can you forgive yourself Dragon for being a fool??
Elvira wounded him like only one that you love can and he forgave her the words that pierced him for she was right, he was a fool to aspire to be her king but not a fool to love her.
You are perfect for me Elvira but sadly i cannot be perfect for you even though i want to be, i am sorry for both of us
Forgive yourself Dragon for we all aspire to be loved but if you do not love yourself, you will not believe others can.
You have not long to live dragon, look how the wall is beginning to shake because the flooding mud is undermining its foundations. It will collapse and you will die under the burden of your own pain.

You deserve to be loved and i hope you know how much i felt loved by you my beautiful Princess. Now all seems lost i do forgive myself for my weaknesses but you are a weakness that i wanted.
Elvira once again was transformed into his princess and she kissed him and he was her prince and then the wall started to crumble raining bricks on them.
If this is the end of my quest for you, i have no regrets, go now, flee and i will face my fate said the prince. Elvira did has she was bade for once and disappeared.
The wall was crashing down in front of him only strangely not on top of him, it was falling away from him, what magic is this he asked???
He heard his magic fairy laugh before he saw her appear at his side. I thought you could not help me fairy he enquired of her, i did not my prince you forgave yourself and released your pain and fears that trapped you behind the wall..
However the dragon within you is dead for he only lived because you needed to be scary and fierce because of your fears and for now they are gone.
So the prince and his magic fairy stood on the beach looking out to the horizon where they could make out a far away land where Princess Elvira lived in a tower.
The dream maybe far away or even quite near for you never know what to expect in dreams especially when a prince is in search of a kingdom in a reality that is fit for a queen.

In the tower the princess sits with the magic key in her lap knowing she can use it to set herself free.
The walls are thick and strong enough to repel all who try to rescue her, she is trapped in the tower but it is her tower, one of her own making, in it she is safe from disappointment and the hopes and dreams of others
If she chooses to use the key, it will unlock her own dreams, free her from loneliness and allow the warm sun of hope to shine.
She can bring down her tower and be free to walk with the prince on the beach or will she remain watching as the tide come in and washes him away.
Time will tell as there are no endings, just new beginnings
“Come with me to where dreams are made and time is never planned, bring your happy heart, we will fly and never land, Forever free, just you and me” !!!!!!!!! 

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