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FAITHed Fairytale

FAITHed Fairytale

By tresenumerouno

When I think about life it makes me want to be a child again. A child with a simple life, a child who believes in fairy tales, a child which thinks that one day a prince will come to save her and they will live happily ever after.

But this isn’t fairy tale, this is real life. There will be no fairy godmothers that’ll turn a pumpkin into a carriage so that you can go to ball. There will be no pixie dust that’ll make you fly once you think of a happy thought. And there’s definitely no kiss that will turn a frog into a prince.

Life is a continuous battle through bitterness, reject, disappointment, alcohol and drugs. You battled through these things and yet forced to see a silver lining in every dark cloud. You give you’re best effort thinking it’s enough when suddenly life hangs a big banner swaying wildly on your face that says ‘IT’S NOT ENOUGH!’ And when you’re already slumped to the ground thinking that it can’t get any worse, well, think again because life has definitely more to give. When you’re thinking life is already done with you and you can finally recover, stop, there’s certainly more bump on the road that will either make you trip or fall and when you’re not strong enough you may not even get up. When it rains it pours.

People have this very interesting ability to want. To want what the things they don’t have or to want more of the things they already have or to want the things others have. You offer your hand; they’ll also want the other. You offer both hands; they’ll want both your arms too. The process will just repeat itself until there’s nothing to be called yours, it’s already theirs.

But don’t think this is all life can give. Life isn’t that bad. You have a relationship with life, the one that give and take. It may take from you but it will absolutely give back. And the time it gave back, it will certainly be the greatest gift. When you’re drowning from discouragement and misery and all you want to do is to step into the light and leave everything behind, life will give you friends ready to save you. When you’re confined with loneliness of being alone thinking that you don’t have any friends, life gave you family and they are the one that won’t leave when everything else abandoned you. Life, for me, is what you call one of God’s wonderful disguises. He gave you these battles because He knows you can fight. And when you felt everything was taken from you, that there’s nothing you can call yours, you will always have your faith. All have you have to do is trust on Him because He will not take something that He can’t give back much better. There will definitely be happy endings, if it doesn’t happen on Earth, it will happen when the time comes and you need to be with him. He loves you, as He loves us, as He gave His only son to save us. And this love, I tell you, will not disappear even when the clock struck twelve.

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3 Jun, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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