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By RoniceRochelle

She's wearing a beautiful long, fitting, white Casablanca dress with train. Her hair perfectly set, curls cascading down her shimmering bare shoulders. All 32 of her teeth are seen from down the aisle. As she begins to walk and looks directly into the eyes of who will shortly be her eternal future, a single tear runs down her cheek and rests on the bed of her perfectly lined lips, a tear of immense joy. This moment is everything she imagined and more. Her father then lets her go, and she grasps the hands of her soon to be husband.

They gaze endlessly into each other’s eyes, share a slight smile not knowing that this intimate moment would only last for a short while - they were exchanging vows, words of empty promises, intonations of soon to be broken dreams, they kiss. This will be their last true and pure kiss. He wanted her, she wanted him, but very few wanted them. They feed each other cake, they dance, they laugh, they smile, they spend the night together as husband as wife, but they knew what they were doing, they both have been practicing for this night their entire teenage and adult life. The day ends, the families return to their respective homes, he returns to work and she returns to work. He smiles with his secretary, innocently. He laughs with his receptionist, joyfully. He hugs his assistant, intimately and has her assist him in extra activities that he was just perfecting the night before. He calls his wife and tells her that he loves her, he adores her, there is no one that comes close to her while assisting his assistant in zipping back up her Versace dress that he bought for her. Husband and wife hang up the phone. Wife goes back to the call she has on hold. The one in which she lays and speaks with about the untold. She laughs, she giggles, he tells her that she's beautiful, she sighs, he groans, tells her that he loves her, she cries, he moans. She loves her husband you see, but he doesn't give her all that she needs. Yes she has that new Lamborghini, and yes she has those red bottoms to grace her feet with but she thought that she would get more after the I do's, that he would change and show more affection. She says "I love you too". He says "I want you", she says "I can't boo", he says "I told you, he wasn't good for you, the money wasn't food for you". She says "I'm going to prove to you but in the mean time, tell me again that you love me". He tells her.

She is told that she is very beautiful, and filled with pulchritude. This conversation she has, she has it with many men, everyone wants her, except the one she wants. She prays, that one day her husband will replace the need of all these men, but still that prayer is left unanswered. She flirts, leads men on but doesn't finish the mission because her female intuition and her heart tells her to stay. She utilizes her feminine wiles to bridge the loneliness. Her husband coming home late from work every night, her suspicions put to rest by a bouquet of flowers and a kiss on the forehead. The night grows old and she approaches him intimately, but he's had enough of that today, he disregards her advances. She goes out with a 'friend' that same night, this friend just so happens to be 6ft 4, green eyes and perfectly brown skin. She makes the mistake her husband has been making since the beginning, but she feels love, she feels the long embrace, this green eyed beauty is willing to sit with her until the sun rises. He doesn't leave, she's never experienced this before. She's happy. She's sad. She's angry. She's confused. She's in lust. She's in love.... She's in denial. She's pregnant! 9 months later the baby is born. The most beautiful baby, with the most beautiful.... Green eyes.... Love.

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3 Mar, 2013
Read Time
3 mins
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