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Fake Smiles
Fake Smiles

Fake Smiles

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Fake smiles hide the fact that underneath we all wish we were happy.

Happy to the point that it disgusts us. For many, a fake smile can provide temporary happiness or can lead to a fake-it-till-you-make-it kind of scenario. You know? Okay, let me make it clear. No one can truly be happy all the God dang time. Not no one.

However, many try to push off that way. But it’s now becoming a trend to section into groups and talk about your common first-world life problems within your group. You know the groups I’m talking about. Mmh. Those groups, those cliques. The populars who everyone loves to hate. The sweet kids who you desperately want to be friends with but aren’t sweet enough to take time to deal with your trainwreck of a life. The varsity athletes who don’t give a rat’s crack about what’s really going on in reality. The smart kids who just seem to overwhelm you with their relentless thoughts of “we’re better than you, I’m gonna go to Oxford.” The weird kids who scare the absolute forking shirt balls out me. Yes, I stole that from Kristen Bell. The kids that are in literally absolutely everything at school. The class favorites. The teacher's pets. The geeks. The nerds. The poets. The mathematicians. The chemists. The list goes on and on.

Then there are people like me. The sad, lonely, don’t understand why we’re rejected over, and over, and over again like a carousel that will never, ever stop, crowd. The kid that doesn’t fit into any one group because you fit a little into each, so no one gives you a chance. No one wants you. You are in a group all by yourself. You eat alone. You walk alone. No one really talks to you unless they have to.

And it sucks... but you put on a fake smile and go on like you really are not suffering inside. Like you don’t feel empty because every time you ask for help no one picks up. Because no one pays attention. Because you’re scared of what the reality is. Because you know that if you wallow in self-pity long enough something may start to make sense or it may not. Because you want something in life but are way too scared to ask for it. Because you’re scared of a little slap on the wrist. Because you don’t know what is next and you’re scared to death of what’s to come. You feel incomplete. You feel that someone has to know why and you’re scared because you don’t know why. You know that everyone else is just bound to be faking it.
Because not one single person can be this happy all of the God dang time. Because we’re human. We have ups and we have downs. We don’t let people see what’s really happening because we all have fake smiles. We all hurt from something from sometime in some way.

Life is a bunch of hard lessons tailored to you specially. Mine life lesson so far is that I must learn it’s okay to run a different route. It’s okay to be a literal unpopular opinion. It’s okay to not know the answer to every single question. It’s okay that not every question you have will have a definite answer or any answer at all. It’s okay that you may not understand life. There is not one meaning to life but rather there are many meanings to what we call life. To begin life. To live life. To give life. To care for life. To finish life. To be happy and to wear fake smiles.

Author Notes: Thank y'all for reading my story. Please make sure to rate my story from 1-5 stars in the comment section and tell me what you thought. Lot's of love! <3

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10 Dec, 2019
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