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Fall in to find out poem

Fall in to find out poem

By alexander

Let flattened rooftop's gather and mold formless in the shape it holds, nothing more then spiraled stairs cover the halls, letting you in and keeping you there lost in the mindset of your soul.

You will cower and scream at your own self interest, shapeless the black dog will raw, letting you see the anger you caused. Till all that is left is the begged self asking for help from the thief who came and stole your very soul and enjoys it by himself.

To bring yourself from the empty shell where cogs still turn but nothing is sent. Empty rooms litter it all and fill the mind with nothingness. You struggle and scream but nothing comes out for the mouth is sealed shut with silver rope that tied it up as your silver tongue had done.

You wonder aimless inside and out wanting to find the thing to tie you down and drag you under the meaning of it all, so you can lose yourself in the bliss of ignorance. Yet nothing ties on to you not a single touch you wonder along rooftops and scattered halls to see if any mystery is left at all, any guessing game to make you think and stop the wondering of your eaten soul.

Till one day you wake with blinking eyes and open heart which once was empty now enjoys Cry's of joy, will you lose it once more and wonder through deadly walls to find yourself once more looking at the nothingness of it all?

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27 Feb, 2018
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1 min
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