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Fallen Angel pt.2
Fallen Angel pt.2

Fallen Angel pt.2


I chose to rise,

My wings dragging on the ground

My halo no longer twinkling.

It fell to the ground,

Shattering into pieces

The golden shards

Glinting in the sun.

I pick it up

My bloodied face reflecting

In the golden glass

And raised it like a sword

The shards digging into my skin.

I open my eyes again,

Wet from the tears I shed

Thinking about you,

Fighting for us.

The dust settles behind me

And the mountains loom

As the sun rises up

Into the painted sky,

A new day forming.

With my chin high

And my wings low

I ready myself

My new sword glimmering in the light.

The birds flew high above

Circling and singing

A new song

The song of my rebirth.

The angel has gotten up

The angel has risen

The angel is reborn

The angel is ready to fight.

With my dress ripped and torn to shreds,

With the shards of my halo in my hands,

With the ground and the rocks cutting at my feet

I’m ready,

I have risen.

I am back.

Author Notes: sry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been pretty busy.

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16 Mar, 2020
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