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Fallen Soldier

Fallen Soldier

By celeste1125

It was a gloomy winter day in November, when he decided today would be the day he would take the airmans oath and become a soldier. His High school love just stood there and forced a smile on her face to show her support, but deep down she wanted to scream "no! please don't! What if i lose you!"But she just stood there and smiled. It would be six months time when it was time for him to leave, and she counted down every minute in dread knowing when that day came there would be that chance that he would be lost to her. Sure enough the night before departure came and she was devastated, but still she wore the same smile that was forced every day leading up to this point. He told her she was the only one and always would be.She said she would write everyday and would be there waiting for his return. He then promised marriage when he returned, she smiled........The following morning she sat in her room thinking am i dreaming? is he really gone? At the moment her mind was filled with so many thoughts and she couldn't help but sobb knowing that she was no longer able to voice these thoughts to her love until he returned. She began to write for that was the only way he would hear her. Everyday that went by she wrote. It was a glorious day when his first letter of few arrived. He missed her he wrote, and he wished he was there with her. She smiled as tears welled up reading of his love, and promises of their future when he returned home. Time went by and her letters continued, until the day her phone rang. It was her love. He was sorrowed "I have news" he said. She just waited for him to continue,"I've found someone","i need to see where this goes"At that moment she froze waiting, hoping this was a dream or some sick joke,but nothing. Her stomach twisted in a knot as she asked,"What about me?" What about our plans?" "i'm sorry" he replied "i need to do this" She hung up feeling lost and confused wandering if this could really be happening. This was HER love, high school sweet heart, her soldier. As she toke a deep breath between sobbs she realized that even though he was very much alive he would always be her fallen soldier.

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14 Dec, 2010
Read Time
2 mins
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