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Falling and Flying

Falling and Flying

By SmileyKitty

  Louisa lay in the dark hospital room and stared at the little child. "Oh what beautiful eyes you have! Just like your father!" She whispered. Louisa smiled over at Bill, her husband. He smiled back. The doctor (Dr. Kuntel) walked in with a wide smile on his face. "So . . . hows the baby doing? Can I see her?" His grin widened and a daring look crossed his face. "Um . . Doctor, would you . . . um . . . just give us a little space?" Louisa tried her best to sound strong. Dr. Kuntel gave her a sly look. "Oh! Alone time with the baby? Alone time?" he asked. "Yes! Yes! Exactly!" Louisa said enthusiastically, she was unaware of his plans. "Alright, I'll make you alone!" And with that, Louisa and her baby started to fall. Down. Down. Down . . . then they were lifted up into the air, like they were flying. Up. Up. And . . . BAM! They landed in a silent green prairie, where they were, of course, alone. The only other living creature was a bird. "Hippli! Hippli! Tweet Tweet! Follow me!" The bird sang. "Follow me! Follow me!" Having no other choice, Louisa followed the bird, baby in arms. "Tweet! Tweet-leet! Are you following?" The bird looked at them and chirped a little melody. "Tweeeeeet! Tweet tweet! Follow meeeeee! You! Are! In! For! A! TREEEEEEAAAAAT! TWEET TWEET!" The beautiful song was rich and amazing, but creepy still. Yet the woman and her baby followed the bird through the green prairie and into a spectacular forest. All the way, the bird sand his song. It went on like this until they reached a castle. "Follow me! Follow me!" The bird called, and they did. When they reached the castle, who was at the large golden doors but Dr. Kuntel! He grinned his horrible grin, and they were again set falling and flying, they still are today. But one day, they will agin reach the hospital and find that no time had passed at all.

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18 Jan, 2015
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1 min
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