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Falling in Love
Falling in Love
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Falling in Love


My night becomes more beautiful since I know her.

My day become more bright and colourful

Has the sky always been so blue

My morning gets brighter if I remember her.

It's really love what I feels?

Could it be, I am falling in love?

Even my heart longing for her, I only miss her every second in my life.

I only care for her, oh god I am in love for her.

Maybe only her love could melt my frozen heart. All I can hear is my heartbeat.

I want to be loved wholeheartedly

as deep as my love, as sincere my heart

I want to be loved without tears , without mistake and without pain.

Its not love who hurt me, and leave my life

she come to my life and help me step out from my emptiness, save me from my broken heart. Free me from my never ending painful past memories.

She make my life perfect and she make my fragile heart become strong and precious as diamond.

She, who let me get over my loneliness , from my emptiness. She save me.

She give me a reason to once again to be happy and being loved. She make me believe that love is more than beautiful.

I can't help but falling in love with her.

Author Notes: To be continue


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18 Feb, 2019
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1 min
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