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Falling in Love
Falling in Love
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Falling in Love


In the beginning I wasn't sure about my feelings.

But everything was change and I am starting to long for her.

Since the day

When she starting to comes to my dream every single night.

I know something was happen to me

It's been along time since the last time I had this kind of feelings.

The most complicated and mysterious feeling.

I never felt this kind of feelings for such a long time, I am always avoiding this kind of attachment's.

I had a painful breakups

And began to get used living alone , without romance.

But her presence change everything in my life, you bring the love that I have been avoiding all this time.

And her love little by little heal wound, she is different than I thought.

I hate to say

But I am falling in love with her

Really fall all over into her

I never doubted love , I am just waiting for the right one for me. Since I am always getting hurt.

I want to try to listen to my heart

The one that I have been hidding for a long time and always make me feel helpless.

But the problem is I don't know how to express my feelings towards her.

Sometimes I'm jealous, sometime iI' nervous and often I don't know how to go through my day.

I can't deny my deepest heart

I'm falling in love with her.

Author Notes: To be continue


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17 Feb, 2019
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1 min
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