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Falling Part 11
Falling Part 11

Falling Part 11

Andrew_And_AnaMentally Mina
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"Lulu!!" I yell, and Lucas comes running into the living room, holding a sleeping Mimi in his arms. "Awwwwww."

"What do you want?" he asks in a tired and annoyed tone.

"Make sure Mimi gets her diaper changed. I have to watch Kiki." I say, stand up, and grab my car keys and purse, then walk out the door. Me and Lucas have been dating for a week, but we still act like best friends.

I drive over to Ark's house and pick Kiki up, then go to Fredmeyers. "Zara..?" a familiar voice says behind me, and I turn around.

"Zak?" I say slowly, warily.

"Oh my God, Zara, what have they done to you!?" he exclaims and rushes forward to me, but I take a step back.

"What do you mean?" I dyed my hair, let my nails grow, and changed my style. So what?

"You look like one of them." he growls.

"Zak, leave me alone. I changed because I didn't want any distant—"

"Who's hoodie is that!?" he asks suddenly.

"My boyfriends.." I say. "I have to get back to his house.. Mimi probably misses me.." I say slowly and start walking backwards toward the Ford Bronco Kesha got me for my birthday. I look out real quick, then turn back to the carseat and buckle Kiki up, close the door, and go to the driver side and hop in.

I walk into Lucas' house, not needing to knock anymore, and see the Warden, Kesha, Ark, and Lucas holding Mimi.

"Babe, you're back!" Lucas says, and hands Mimi to me.

"Yeah. Ugh, I swear I just want to go to bed." I sigh, and then shift Kiki a little on my hip and hold Mimi against my chest.

"Well, lookie here. We have our little pack mistake." my eyes widen as someone emerges from the circle.

"Beta.." I say mutter to myself the louder say, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, we need an heir to the pack leader, so we came for you. Jetson—"

"Jetson," I growl, "Kicked you out of the pack for murdering my father. Oh, and for falsly accusing me of having a child and saying I was weak to have not fought back against my rapist, do I need to remind you what I did to that hand of yours. I could cut it off right here and now if I wanted to."

"Her.. rapist?" Kesha asks Ark quietly.

"Your rapist saw someone weak."

"My rapist saw a vulnerable girl, all alone, walking down an alley to get home. I was not weak. I was in a vulnerable position." Lucas pulled me into his arms.

"Stop talking about this subject." Lucas says slowly.

"Kiki, wanna play with your neice??" I ask and she nods eagerly. I walk over to Mimi's nursery and set them both down, then grab a few barbies for them, and walk back to the living room.

"—She is a weak link to your pack, Jetson!! Kick her out, she can live with these guys!"

"I am not kicking her out. She is usefull to the packs needs. She is always willing to help." Jestson says.

"She is never there to help!"

"You have no say in what and who I remove from my pack."

A thunk sound, and then snarling sounded, Lucas running down the hall, Nio and Niho following closley, and he dragged me back to the nursery. "Grab the girls and their clothes. Jetson and Beta are fighting, and it may get bloody." I snatch a duffle bag, backpack, and diaper bag and stuff them with stuff for Kiki and Mimi, then run over to Lucas's room and throw a few shirts and pants in for him, a few of my favorite outfits for me, and a couple pictures in it. "Out the back. We'll go to Xavier's, hide out until Jetson says it's okay to come back here." I pick Mimi up and Nio picks Kiki up.

"Follow me," I say and we all pile into my truck/car. I drive for about half an hour, then pull into the driveway of my brother and his mate's house, then go and knock on the door.

The door opens slowly, and then I hear a sigh of relief, and the door opens up the rest of the way. "Hey, sis," Xavier pulls me into a hug. "Come on in."

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Mentally Mina
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7 May, 2021
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3 mins
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