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Falling: Part 2? or Three?
Falling: Part 2? or Three?

Falling: Part 2? or Three?

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"Hey, Vally!" I ignore the guys following behind me.

"Hey, ZarZar!" She looks at the guys and decides to ignore them

"Dammit. I forgot to do my makeup today, Valley." I sighed.

"Don't worry, I'll do your makeup today!" we head towards the bathroom and she does my makeup

"Thanks, girl!" My phone buzzes in my back pocket and I unlock it.

"Oop, my BFF just messaged me. Of course, she's my online BFF." I opened an app and reply to her message.

"How do you have so many friends online but irl you have only a few?"

"I have a different personality online, girl." I laugh and rush to class.

I hurry down the school hallway, turned the corner, and ran straight into the wall.

"Ugh, stupid ass mother fucking wall," I say many other curse words but look up and see a guy. And holy shit he's hot.

"Are you okay?" he tries to help me up but I skitter away.

"U-um yeah. S-sorry I'm skittish." I let him help me up.

"It's alright. Are you.... Miss. Zara?"

"Oh, um, just Zara. And you are?"

"I'm Maverik. Well, Professor Maverik," he explains.

Okay for fuck sake he is too hot to be a teacher.

"Well, um, thank you."

"Oops. Sorry, I gotta go." I feel heat rush to my face and I know I'm blushing.

"I think you're going the wrong way, Zara."

I look at the classroom and sigh.

"Goddammit. I'm gonna be so late for Phy Ed." I grumble and rush to the other side of the campus.

"Ooo you're my student, Zara."

"OH FOR FUCK SAKE!!!" I holler and turn around.


"I'm you're TA too. And now I'm gonna be stuck with a hot as fuck dude three times a day!" I run to the class without waiting for a response.


"Miss. Avery, can you stay after class?" Maverik asks me

"Yeah, whatever, Professor." I finish writing down my notes once the bell rings and people start filing out of the class.

"I need you to clean the classroom and make sure the whiteboard has nothing on it that can stick, please." He says when everyone but me is gone.

"Okay, Sir," I mumble and grab the cleaning supplies in his office

Once I emerge from his office he stands by the door that leads outside and is cleaning the window.

"Professor that is my job," I tell him and he stops.

"I know. I want to help out tho."

"Can I call my friend so they can help? I like annoying them with this shit."

"Sure." he laughs

I call Val, Rhys, Xavier, and Grayson and they hurry to the gym.

Val comes running in through the door and barrels through Xavier and leaps on me.

"Oh my fucking god. My back already hurts from when Xavier tackled me this morning." I say and laugh

"Bitch, I don't care"

She lets go of me and we start laughing.

"How the fuck do we always manage to twin even when we ain't even talking to each other?" I ask her and she shrugs

"I don't know."

"We are twins by heart"


Just then Xavier and Grayson strut inside and there are two girls following them.

"Oh shit. Here comes the slut squad. Oops, pardon my language, Professor."

"It's fine, Zara. Also, y'all can call me Maverik"


"Hey, sis," Xavier says and pulls me in for a hug, which I hurry out of.

"Sorry, bro. No can hug. I got my makeup perfecto today and I ain't ruining it." I tell him and he frowns.

"I think that was Valley's makeup art, sis."

I grumble curse words at him and grab some cleaning supplies.

"Oh, look, the slut is cleaning." Slut #1 says.

"Haha. Funny, I don't see anything in your hands besides a phone. What are you doing? Messaging a guy in his twenties so you can hook up?" Her eyes widen and I know I was right. "Go ahead and run along. I'm pretty sure your sugar daddy will protect you."

"You bitch!!" she screams and runs toward me as fast as she can in those seven-inch heels.

She throws a punch and got right under my eye.

"Haha, thanks. I needed some scars." I told her.

"You already have one, bitch!"
My eyes widen and the memory replays, and I snap. I drop the cleaning supplies and lung at her, causing her to lose her balance. "Don't you ever mention my scar!!!!" I yell and punch her.

Xavier peels me off of her and I start crying.

"What the fuck happened!?" the principal yells and heads straight toward me. Luckily the principal is my dad.

"She mentioned my scar, Dad." his arms wrap around me.

I looked behind my dad and saw her nose was broken and her cheek was swelling up.

"I swear, Dad, she threw the first punch," I tell him in a scared voice.

Maverik cuts in. "What happened to her?"

My dad looks at me and I nod. "She was raped when she was living with her Aunt. That happened a month ago, but she is pregnant." He explains and I bury myself in Dad's chest.

I peeked and saw Maverik's expression change from surprise, to anger, to worry.

"Wait, she is pregnant?" he asks

"Yeah, that's why she moved back."

I look down and I have a small belly bulge. "Dad, I'm going to go clean my hands up and then finish cleaning." I get up and hurry to the bathroom.

I lean on the bathroom sink and take multiple deep breaths I grab my notebook from my backpack and tear a piece of paper off and scrawl my phone number down. I hurry into the gym and into Maverik's office.

"I wanted to give this to you." I fold the paper up and hand it to him. "Don't open it until you get back to your place, I guess," I tell him and he looks at me with a confused expression

"Okay, Zara."
I clean the gym and head home.

Author Notes: Does anyone else just yell at their teacher? Ngl I did yell at one of my teachers. Weirddddd...

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2 May, 2021
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