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Falling: Part 4
Falling: Part 4

Falling: Part 4

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He collapsed on the porch and I saw someone behind him.

"ZAK!!!!!" I exclaimed and jumped into his arms.

"Hey, Z!" he says and tucks me into his chest.

"I saw that you were scared of him, so I knocked him out. I'll take him back to Alpha in a little, love." He whispers in my ear.

"Damn, hey, Zak," Xavier says and I feel my face heat up.

"Hey, X," Zak says but doesn't release me.

So, let me explain. Zak and I are fated mates, but we can't date 'cause he is older than me. We are still close though. We are both waiting for me to turn eighteen so I can become his mate for real.

I planted a kiss on Zak's cheek and nuzzled him.

"Zak, she loves you," Xavier said and patted his shoulder.

"Okay, let's go inside," Zak says and I let go of him and grab his hand, entwining our fingers.

"Mom Zak is here!" I holler and hurry into the kitchen.

"Hey, guys," he says and Mom and Dad wave, because both of their mouths are full of Lasagna.

My mom finished her bite and said, "Xavier is going to a party in a little. You can go with them if you want."

Zak had lost his parents at a young age and, even though my mom isn't a werewolf, mom has been a big part of his life.

"Only if Zara is gonna be there." He says and I sigh.

"Fine, I'll go with y'all." I tell them and Zak grins.

"Same, then," he says and he sits in my chair, pulling me onto his lap.

My dad growled at him.

"Dad stop trying to be a big bad wolf when you're just a big softie." I laugh and my dad stops growling at him.

"Whatever" he mumbles and goes back to his food.

"Sis, go get ready!" Xavier exclaims and I run upstairs.

I get dressed and do my makeup

I head downstairs and grab my water bottle, car keys, and wallet.

"I'm ready, bro," I tell him and then hurry over to Zak and grab his hand again.

"C'mon!" I exclaim and hurry to my Jeep.

I get into the driver's seat and start the engine while Zak and Xavier hoist themselves into the tall vehicle.

"How the hell did you get in here so fast?" Zak asks me and I just laugh.

"You shall never know my secrets," I tell him and he grumbles some foul language.

We pick the guys up and then pick Val up, then we head to the house where there was a party at.

Val and I hop out super fast and she blushes like crazy when her dress fly's up for a second.

"I'm happy that wasn't me," I say laughing.

"I should've chosen that outfit, hun. I wanted to twin..." she whines and then hurries over to Grayson.

"Can we go inside?" I asked eagerly.

"Sure, love," Zak says and I grab his hand and pull him towards the house.

I hear some commotion a little ways away from the party and change direction to see what was going on.

"The fuck?" I hear Zak say and I try to intensify my sight ability.

"Hey, Zara!" I hear a voice and instantly recognize it.

"Damn, hey, Ark. Lemme guess, Kiki is here too?" I ask and then hear a giggle.

"Of course she is." Ark replies and then a little girl runs toward me.

I scoop her up and prop her on my hip

"Hey there, Ki," I say and she just hugs me.

Ark finally walks towards us and I give her a side hug. Kiki rests her head against my shoulder and I see her eyes flutter closed.

"Hey, girl. Where is Kesha?" I ask her and she frowns. "Oh no, don't tell me he is f- don't tell me he is drunk again."

I see a tear slide down her cheek and pull her into my free arm.

"It's okay, hun. He is probably stressed over work. Plus, he is always there for you when he isn't drunk or at work." I release her and wipe the tears that leaked down her face away.

"I know, but it doesn't seem fair to Mom and Kiki. I'm practically a mother figure because mom is always gone with other men. And even when she isn't with other men Mom doesn't bother feeding Kiki or giving her a bath." She says and I hear Kiki start snoring softly.

"What if you stayed at my house for a little? I mean, Kiki loves me and my mom would love to have a little one running around the house again." I tell her and Ark smiles.

"That would be a great idea! Also, who the heck is that dude?" She nods towards Zak.

"Oops, forgot to introduce y'all. Zak this is Ark. Ark is one of my best friends and this is Kiki, Ark's younger sister. Ark this is Zak, he is my fated mate and we have been inseparable since we met each other." I introduce them and they start talking.

"Okay, I'm gonna go grab the car seat for Kiki and put her in my truck so she can sleep. Bye." I grab the convertible stroller and head to my truck, then I set it up and put it in the front seat for now, and set Kiki in it.

I put music on and sync it to my Jeep and then grab the small blanket I always kept in the back and set it on top of Kiki.

After a few minutes, she starts crying so I pick her up and move the car seat so I can sit on the seat then I lay her on my lap and close the truck door.

I wait a while to make sure Kiki is asleep and then lean my head back and fall asleep.



When I say the little girl run into Zara's arms like she was her mother I almost believed she was. They looked so much alike, blue-gray eyes, pale skin tone, even their hair was the same and Zara had almost white hair.

She walked away with Kiki sleeping in her arms and she held her expertly as if she had been doing it for years.

"How old is Kiki?" I asked Ark.

"Two. Zara has known me for most of Kiki's life and Zara is more of a mother to her than me and my mom could ever be. She always made sure she was safe, made sure she was always happy, hell she always made sure she wasn't having nightmares. Kiki never sleeps in anyone else's arms but Zara's. That's why I usually have Zara come over so she can get Kiki to sleep."

I hear crying and look over to see Zara get into the truck and hold Kiki to her chest and fall asleep.

"They both seem tired. Those damn nightmares have gotten to Zara." Ark says

"What nightmares?" I ask her and she looks at me with anguish.

"She hasn't told you?" she asks me in a low voice

"Told me what?"

"She was raped when she was living with her aunt and they cut her... She is pregnant." She says and then her eyes widen. "Shit, I have to go. Bye." She scurries away and I head back to the car.

I wake Zara up and she moves to the passenger seat and falls back to sleep.


Zara POV

I felt someone shaking my arm so I wake up and set Kiki down, then I jump onto the pavement and pick her up.

I hear yelling in the house so I grab earmuffs I bought for Kiki and put them on her head, then I rush into the house and see my dad fighting with the Beta of the pack.

I see our Alpha and bow quickly.

"Hello, Alpha," I say and then hoist Kiki up higher on my hip.

"Hello," he replies and sends me a smile.

Alpha, Jetson, is a nice Alpha so he usually likes people calling him by his real name most of the time.

"Who do we have here?" he asks and holds a hand out.

"This is Kiki, Jeston, she is asleep right now so I am going to put her in bed. I will be right back" I head up the steps and Zak follows me.

I set Kiki on my bed and cover her up with a small blanket and then head back downstairs to ask dad what's happening.

"Oh my god!!!! PAUL!!" I hear my mom scream and I speed down the stairs.

I see Beta with a bloody knife, Jetson's eyes wide as fuck, my dad with a stab right on his heart, and my mom leaning over him crying.

"DAD!!!" I scream and rush over to him.

"No no no no no no no no...." mom keeps repeating as tears stream down her face.

I stand up and turn toward the Beta.

"This is your fault!" I scream at him and his eyes widen in anger.

"Bitch, this is no one's fault but yours," he says calmly.

"HOW IS IT MY FAULT!?" I yell.

"You got raped and became pregnant. You should have protected yourself, instead, you brought shame to our pack." He says and Jetson starts yelling at Beta.

"IT'S NOT MY FAULT I WAS FUCKING HUMAN AND THAT I WAS DRUGGED!!" I screamed and everyone stops talking to stare at me.

"Momma?" I hear a voice from the stairs and see Kiki standing there, rubbing her eye.

"No, not momma, your momma is at home," I tell her and pick her up.

"She is denying this child as her own! I see the resemblance!" Beta yells and I walk up to him and slap him.

"Her mother is at some guy's house getting laid while her brother is passed out drunk. Her sister didn't bother to pick her up and so she is staying with me until her sister DOES come and pick her up." I say and he holds his face.

"You.. you... you... bitch!!" he screams and tries to punch me.

I grab his hand and twist it until I hear a bone crunch and then I let go.

He cries out in agony and then stands up and runs into the woods.

"Good job, Zara," Jetson says and then walks out of the door, carrying my father on his shoulder.

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4 May, 2021
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