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Falling: Part 5 and 6 ig
Falling: Part 5 and 6 ig

Falling: Part 5 and 6 ig

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"Hey, ZarZara!" Val hollers and hugs me.
"Hey," I say and yawn.
"Who is this little munchkin?" She asks and gestures to Kiki who I've had to watch for a few days. Even during school.
"This is Kiki. Her sister hasn't fricken picked her up and it's been a few days." I tell her and Kiki giggles.
I check the clock on my phone and speed walk towards the cafeteria.
With Kiki in my arms, I drew a load of unwanted attention at me.
"Omg is that her daughter?"
"What the hell they look alike.. that has to be her daughter"
One voice caught my attention
"Omg she really is a slut." the brat I beat up exclaims and I glare at her.
I sit down at the table me and my friends always sit at and set Kiki on my leg.
"Dude, they won't shut the fuck up." I hear Grayson complain.
"FYI she isn't my daughter. We look alike but that's all." I tell them.

After classes, I head to the mall to buy some stuff for Zak's birthday, which is in a few days. I walked into the jewelry shop that I saw Zak in yesterday and head over to where he was ogling a ring. "How much does that cost?" I ask the person behind the counter.
"$3,000, ma'am." She replies with a light smile.
"Can I get it, please? Along with the ring right there?"
"Of course! Would you like anything else?"
I see a small necklace and add that to what I was getting and paid the cashier. "Here you go, Ki," I say and put the necklace on her. She just giggles and hugs me.
I head back home to wrap his present.

"Thank you for watching her for this long, Zara," Ark says and hugs me.
"It wasn't a problem, hon," I say and look back to where Zak was snooping through the presents set out on the table. "NO PRESENTS YET, ZAK!"
"Dammit.." I hear him mutter and stomp away.
"Ugh, he is such a child on his birthday," I laugh. "You can come in, A," I tell her and she steps in.
"Mind if I sit down?"
"Of course not!" She sits down and Kiki crawls over to me.
My mom walks in and hollers: "PRESENT TIME!!!" I hear footsteps and Zak runs in and sits cross-legged on the floor.
"Ooo open mine!" My mom says and her eyes go to a bag.
He grabs it and pulls a pair of Sneakers out. "I needed new shoes. Thank you!" He exclaims and sets them back in the bag.
This process is followed until he gets to the last present which is luckily mine.
"Wait wait wait. I gotta grab something if you're gonna open the last one." I say and run upstairs and grab the other ring.
I head back downstairs and tuck the ring in my sleeve.
"Okay, now you can open it." He opens it and smiles wildly. "I got you the ring you were looking at a few days ago. I got the one that goes with it, too." I say and show him it.
He slips his on and runs up to hug me.

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4 May, 2021
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2 mins
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