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Falling: Part 7 & 8
Falling: Part 7 & 8

Falling: Part 7 & 8

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"Mommmmmmm" I yell and she jumps up in surprise.

"Yeah, honey?"

"Can I go buy a pool?"

It has hit mid-summer which is usually the hottest time of summer where I live.

"Yeah sure," she mumbles and goes back to sunbathing.

I squeal and run to my Jeep.

"Ow shit!" I yell when the leather burns my thigh. "I knew I should have bought another car.." I mutter and start the engine.

I get blasted with the AC and sigh in relief as I pull out of the driveway.

A few minutes later I'm zooming into a parking spot at Walmart and grab my phone, lip gloss (always gotta have it), wallet, and keys and rush into the store.

I walk around the store until I find a huge box with a pool on it.

"Holy shit I need this pool," I tell myself and assess how I'm gonna get it to the cashier.

I turn around and see Rhys.

"Hey, Rhys! Help me lift this damn thing please." I say and he nods and helps me lift it.

We somehow manage to get it to the Jeep and I thank him.

"You sure you don't need help getting it in your house?"

"No, I can just get Zak or Xav to help me get it inside." I smile and he rolls his eyes at the stupid nickname for Xavier.

"Ok. Bye." He waves and I see him glare into the abis.

I am hit with instant relief when the leather doesn't burn my leg again but it is instantly over when the metal on the seatbelt burns me instead.

"I fucking hate this car in the summer..." I grumble and then pull out.

"Hey, Z, I have someone I want you to meet!" Zak yells from the living room.

"One sec!" I yell and set down the salad I was eating.

I walked into the living room but made sure I was at least presentable.

I looked good enough so I emerged from the hallway.

"Z, meet Elija," Zak says and I wave at Elija shyly.

"Uh, hi," I mumble and hear a knock on the door. "Sorry one second," I say and hurry over to the door.

"Hey, Zara. Can you watch Kiki? Kesha is drunk and my mom is getting laid again." Ark rolls her eyes but I see a sad expression on her face.

"Sure, pick her up whenever you want." I hug her and pick Kiki up.

Ark walks away and I shut the door.

"Sorry about that. My friend needed me to watch Kiki." I say and Kiki rests her head on my chest.

"it's not a problem, Z." Zak says and I rub Kiki's back in circles.

"Oh, Elija this is Zara. And the little kid is Kiki."

"I thought you said the little kid was Zara?"

Zak and Elija look at me and then at each other and burst out laughing.

"Oh my god, just because I'm four feet seven doesn't mean you need to mention me being short," I whine and it only makes them laugh harder.

"Whatever. I'm gonna go back to my salad and then go in the brand new pool I got." I say and shoot daggers and each of them as I walk back to the kitchen.

I gasp when I get inside the kitchen.

"HOW DARE YOU EAT MY SALAD!" I yell and Xavier looks at me sheepishly.


"Ugh, I'm going to the pool."

Kiki looks at me for a second and giggles.

"What's so funny?"

Her eyes widen when she looks behind me which causes me to turn around and I scream.

Two clowns, I repeat CLOWNS, were in my house.

I kick one of them and they scream "NANI!?" while taking the clown mask off.

"WTH ZAK!?" I yell and he bursts out laughing

"We got her, Elija!" He yells and I smack the back of his head.

"Don't do that again or I'll get Alpha to behead you" I threaten him and his eyes widen.

"For such a small human you sure are deadly," he says as I rush upstairs to change into my swimsuit.

I grab the swimsuit I bought for Kiki in case she came over and put floaties on her arms while she giggles and mumbles.

I finish getting her dressed and grab my sunglasses and speed downstairs.

"Damn when did you get that, sis?" Xavier asks me.

"I got it when I went to the store yesterday. Where is Zak?" I ask him and look around the kitchen.

"Outback. He said, and I quote, 'I need to take advantage of this damn pool while I still can.' and then went out back"

I mumble thanks and head out the sliding glass door.

I see Spot running around and whistle to her and she runs over to me.

"Watch Kiki, girl" I pet her and set Kiki down on a beach towel.

I hop into the pool and grab a floatie and lay on top of it.

"Oh, hey Zakkkkk" I draw his name out and he grins evilly at me.

"Hey, love."

I can tell he's up to something but I dismiss it.

"Don't you dare try flipping this floatie over," I growl and close my eyes.

I hear a snicker from someone else I then I feel the floatie being flipped over.

I fall into the water and emerge from it.

"Technically I didn't do it. Elija did." He laughs.

"Wait wait wait... I gotta make a call." I crawl out of the pool and call Jetson.

"Hey, Zara, what's up?"

"Can you come over? I need you to behead someone for me."

"On my way, girlie." He says and hangs up.

Zak rushes over to me, his eyes wide.

"He's on his way, Zak." I laugh and head over to where Kiki was.

"I see you found my tablet," I say and she nods.

"Yep!" she laughs and I sit down beside her.

"Spot!" I yell and the German Shepard runs over her tail wagging.

"Go scout, Spot," I tell her, and she runs away again, making sure the area is safe.

When I hear the sliding glass door open I look behind me and see Jetson walking out.

"Hey, Girlie," he says and hugs me.

Ever since my dad died he and I have been best friends. All because of a fucking Beta...

"Hey. Go ahead and behead Zak." I tell him and he doesn't budge from the hug until I hear Zak growl.

"Jeesh no need to be protective, Zak," I say and pull back from the hug.

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4 May, 2021
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