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Falling Part 9?
Falling Part 9?

Falling Part 9?

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"You sure it's okay for me to come in?" I asked Ark wearily.
"Yeah, of course! Kesha isn't drunk right now and my mom is gone." She replied so I stepped in and held Kiki protectively against my chest.
"Hey, A." I hear a deep voice say from the kitchen.
"Oh, hey Kesha." She replies and steps into the kitchen while I stand back a little.
"Meet my friend Zara!" she gestures to me and I look up quickly to see a handsome man standing over a patch of lettuce, cutting it into small fragments.
"Hi, Zara," Kesha says and smiles.
"Oh, um, hi," I mumble.
"Woah, is that Kiki?"
"Kesha, Kiki loves Zara. She always has loved sleeping in Zara's arms." She tells him.
"Kiki looks like a younger version of you're friend though," he tells her.
I slowly sniff the air and notice a different scent other than a wolf.
"You're Fae," I say out loud.
"Uh yeah. How could you tell?"
"You reek of Fae scent. Oh, yeah, I'm a wolf BTW."
"Shit. Shit, shit, shit...." he mutters
He rushes up to me and starts pushing me toward the door.
"Ark, why the hell did you bring a wolf here!? The Warden is coming by today and they will know a wolf was here."
"I thought she was Angel or Demon Fae, Kesha." She exclaims and my eyes widen in fear.
"The Warden will kill me, won't they?" I ask Kesha.
"Yes. They will."
"Kesha, they have allied with the wolves because of rogues..." Ark mumbles and Kesha whirls around to look at her.
I sniffed the air again and run the corner of the living room.
"The Warden is here," I tell them, and fear shoots through my veins
"Stay there. They won't care if you're right there and out of their way. go along with what Ark and I say." Kesha tells me, and I sit there huddled up with Kiki pressed up to my chest (Feels like a damn motherly move tbh.)
"Hello, Mr. Amino." one of the Wardens said at the door.
"Hello" was all Kesha said before he invited them in.
There was three Warden's, two were tall and lean but the third one was short and had a belly bulge. A pregnant woman.
"oh, who do we have here?" The woman said and looked at me.
"That's Zara. She's a wolf pup." Kesha explains.
"She's quite big for a wolf pup..." the taller Warden mumbles.
"Well, she could be a young adult wolf.." The woman says and sits down in front of me.
"Oh my! She is holding a Fae!"
"That's Kiki. She has grown a liking to her."
The woman moves a strand of hair from my face and looks at me with friendly eyes.
"She is beautiful. What's her name?"
"We named her Zara. She seems mute and she didn't let us get close to her. She seems to have taken a liking to you, though." Kesha says.
"I have a friend that might know who she is." Ark pipes up.
"Well, there is Zak and Elija."
"Hell no! Call Xavier." Kesha tells her and she runs off.
I look back at the woman and her eyes widen.
"Your eyes... They're so beautiful." I see the tall man walk toward me and I whimper.
"Stay there, Niho." The woman says and he freezes.
"Bad experience with men?" Niho asks.
I nod fast.
"I called Xavier," Ark announces as she walks into the room.
"Niho, Ani, go somewhere so Zara doesn't feel cornered."
"Okay, Nio." Ani, the short man, says and they both walk into a different room.
I noticed I relaxed a lot more once Niho and Ani left.
"She seems calmer. Are you scared of men, Zara?" Nio asks me.
"Y-yeah.." I mumble.
"That's alright. I used to be scared of men, too," she says.
I stand up and hear Xavier walk in.
"Where the hell is my sister?"
"Xav, I'm right here," I say and run over to him and he wraps his arms around me.
he bends down and whispers, "Why the hell are you with... fae?"
"Ark is my BFF... I was just meeting Kesha."
"Sis, these people are assholes!"
"Well Ark and Kiki need and want my attention, so go ahead and call them assholes all you want." I whisper-growl.
"Stay here all you want. You're 18. Zak is going to be pissed." he walks out the door and I go back to sitting in the corner of the room

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4 May, 2021
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