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Rhys' POV

Get the fuck up, Anderson.

I yell at myself for letting my guard down

"Dude, chill," Grayson says and helps me up.

"Oh, shit. Don't look now, but new girl be smokin'" He says and his eyes follow someone.

I turn around and start gapping at the new girl.

She's hot as fuck.

She walks right toward us and Xavier moves toward her, enveloping her in a hug.

"Hey, sis. Was starting to wonder when you were gonna get here"

"Mom and Dad were fucking being jerks. Saying my outfit was gonna get 'dress coded"

"I mean, they aren't wrong. But they shouldn't lecture you about your outfits. Anyway, meet my friends. That's Grayson-" he points at Grayson "- and that's Rhys." he points at me.

"Hi. I'm Zara-" she got cut off by a screeching sound and someone jumping onto her.

"BITCH I'VE MISSED YOU!!!" The girl on top of her screams.

"Holy shit, Ash!!! Calm the fuck down!" Zara elbows her and jumps over to Xaiver.

"Brother, help me. Your girlfriend is scary," she says and he just laughs.

"Okay, now that all this shit is over can we please head to class???" Zara asks and Xavier nods.

"Sure let's go, sis." he grabs her hand and they began walking away.

Zara's POV

"She's fucking heavy, bro," I complain and grab my bookbag.

"No, she isn't. Your just whining."

Shit, sorry, forgot to introduce myself. Hi, I'm Zara. I have amber hair, green eyes, dimples, and am 5'0. Yay...

It's after school and Xavier is forcing me to hang out with his friends, while I want to hang out with my friends.

I ain't got no control over my life :(

"Bro, I wanna go hang out with Ashley and Maria and Jessica. Ooo and Valentina! I haven't seen her since I moved!!" I exclaim excitedly and jumped from one foot to the other.

"Not right now. You can hang out with them once you get a sight of my group."

I complain to the field and then stop short when I see all my friends are there.

"VALENTINA!!!" I squeal and jump onto her.

"Is that you, Zara!?"

"Hell yeah, it's me!!!" I hug her and then she squeals.

"WE'RE MATCHING!!!!!" she exclaims and I look down at our outfits.



"God damn, can y'all stop squealing!? My ears are boutta burst." Grayson yells

Val and I look at each other and grin

Then we start screaming on the top of our lungs.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! WHY DID WE EVEN BOTHER WITH YOU!!!!" My brother yells and we stop screaming

"Because you love us." We said at the same time

"Oh my lord. Go away. Go be twins somewhere else."

"Fine, come on, Vally." I used her childhood nickname.

"Kay-kay, ZarZar."

We hurried over to my Jeep and hopped in.

"Girl, we have so much to catch up on. Where you been this whole time?"

"Girl, I agree. And I've been in Colorado helping at my stupid aunt's farm"

"I heard something happened though! What happened!?"

"Oh, yeah, I got r-raped.." I stuttered the last word and a tear trickled down my face recalling the memory.

"Omg. Are you okay!?"

"They gave me a scar." I lifted my shirt a little and she gasped.


"I only heard them say 'Remember this day forever. There is more where this came from.' before I passed out. Someone found me in an ally way and called the hospital. I moved here to get rid of those memories but it hasn't worked yet."

"Oh.. let's go grab us a burger and milkshake and head to the park," she says and I laughed.

"Okay, best friend."


Zara POV

I jolt awake and sweat is making my hair stick to my face. And I start crying.

"I should have never went to that bar. I-I should have never even left that fucking farm." I mumbled into my hands.

After half an hour of crying, I decided to venture into the kitchen and make breakfast.

It was only 6 AM and I knew no one would be awake, so I grabbed pancake mix, eggs, and bacon and made some breakfast.

By the time I finished, with many failed/burnt pancakes, my parents were up.

"I made breakfast, Mom"

"Oh, honey, you shouldn't have! But thank you" she grabbed a plate and hurried to eat.

"Hon, I gotta get to work." my dad emerged from downstairs and pecked Mom's lips.

"Bye, Zara." my dad kissed my forehead and went out the door.

"Mom, I'm gonna go get ready and wake Xavier up."

"Okay, honey."

I head upstairs and change

I wake Xavier up by pouring bottled water on his face, which ends up with me being chased all over the house then tackled.

"Never pour water on me when I'm sleeping, sis!"

"Ugh, whatever! Lemme go!" I knee him in his groin and he makes an awkward face, lets go of me and runs off.

I hurry outside and jump in my Jeep. Then speed off like a bat out of hell.

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2 May, 2021
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