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false hopes

false hopes

By guaphellamhor23

…false hopes…

why wish on a shooting star
when it falls down from the sky
when wishes are made to go far
and be up in the heaven’s hay

why look up when you cry
when tears are meant to fall down
when looking up makes your cheeks dry
and make you feel more to break down

why at this very moment in my life
I am thinking about you and beyond
I’m wishing you’ll be here tonight
and make me feel I’m not left behind

you were with me at the very start
and I cherish that inside my heart
you’ve been with me in good and bad
but there’s none more that we have had

I wonder why I can’t make you mine
you’re with me, I am with you
we’ve been together for a long time
but since then there’s never been we two

haay…what kind of fool am I
or who’s the stupid, is it you or I?
I wonder why I can’t make you mine
I wonder why, or when will be the time…

false hopes, that maybe what shooting stars give me
but whenever I see one, I still make a wish
even if they won’t let the heavens her me
I just hope you’ll be the one to hear my wish.

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21 Oct, 2011

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