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Family Fighters

Family Fighters

By aishisnice

I'm a very lucky teenager I must say! : Have all the luxuries that one could ask for, everything available in a push of a button, enjoy using all electronical gadgets, get a ride whereever I want to go and what more! I'm sure you get the picture. In total contrast, my parents have led a life, which I would term as 'the poor way'.

I went to India to attend a cousins wedding, where I found a letter addressed from my grandmother (dad's mum) to my aunt ( dad's sister). It basically was a 'how are you' letter and there was also a mention on my aunt's after marriage life. I show the letter to my Aunt, and go about asking aboutmy grandparents(dad's parents), who passed away before i was born. The conversation slowly slid down to my Aunt's marriage. Here is how i remember it:

Me: I heard dad wasn't there for your wedding....
Aunt: Well, yes, he didn't.
Me: Isn't the role of a brother very important in Indian weddings?
Aunt: Oh yes, Very important.
Me: So, weren't you mad at him?
Aunt: We learn to forgive, in fact, without your father, there would have been no wedding,
Me: Why?
Aunt: Your father worked day and night to send money for us, so that we could buy things for the wedding. he had no money left for an air-ticket.
Me: Dad was broke? How is that?
Aunt: You kids are lucky, When we were small, our father retired when we entered our twenties, and he could no longer earn to feed us. It was then your father went abroad,lived in a shabby room, sending us all the cash, so that we could live.
Me: Oh...
Aunt: Aish, you should learn to respect the money you have while you have it, cause you have no idea how hard it is to live without anything in your pockets.

that was basically what I learnt. RESPECT. She told me it was important to respect Money, but i feel, in a bigger aspect, RESPECT should be given to things, while they still exist.

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9 Jun, 2009
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