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Family Tradition: Revenge Part 13
Family Tradition: Revenge Part 13

Family Tradition: Revenge Part 13

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Everett’s rambling about Reid brought Callum back to reality. He first realized there was no longer a weight on his arm, no Willow. He saw Willow standing as a sentry at Dante’s shoulder. Finally, he when he looked at Willow’s face; she was giving him non-verbal consent to set out on his chase.

He jumped out the window.

He was already running when he suddenly realized the significant change the Willow had made to their almost stagnant rules; she became someone else’s protector, and the last time she chose a charge, she spent five years with him.

He had been her second charge. They did not talk about the first.

Callum was tracking Flint for two reasons: one he hoped his older brother had found the right trail, and two tracking him was easier than tracking Reid. He remembered how less than an hour ago, Everett and Flint were arguing over whether or not Reid should receive any training now it was obvious that a little training would not change much of his current knowledge.

Following Flint did not prove very difficult, but he also needed to do it to where his brother was unaware of Callum’s tailing or he needed to walk up and announce his presence. He wasn’t sure if one was worse than the other. In the end , he decided to keep tracking him from a distance. He wasn’t entirely sure if Flint would send him home or not if he revealed himself, or he would simply not disclose any information he found.

And, of course, while Callum was debating on whether or not to keep following Flint, he disappeared. That was not strange, but then he was unable to find him again. Callum could always find his brothers even when they were trying to hide, not Reid he reminded himself.

So, then Flint found Reid? He glanced around and realized this was his, well Dryade’s, territory, and his subordinates always found and captured shady characters for fear of them hurting the kids. He went to home base and entered Fia’s office also known as a bunch of wooden pallets covered in to create a wall in the corner of their warehouse.

“Was someone that looked like this captured a little while ago,” he asked, holding up Flint’s picture.

“Yes, he jumped out the window.”

“It runs in the family.”

“Your brother?”

“Yes, it seemed that you employed another one of them as well.”


“Works with computers and hacking apparently.”

“Oh, him? He is your brother?” Nymph was surprised.

“He is. We will talk about it later.”

“Yes, sir. Tiny boss.”

“Don’t call me that.”

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25 Apr, 2022
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