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By kkliz

Family is a wonderful bond that is often estranged throughout life. Sometimes the most important people in your life become distant. Usually it is a result of lacking the ability to control.

As long as you enable a person to use you unconditionally, you are their best companion. But, once you make it clear that you can and will not continue the support - feelings are hurt and distance is created.

The caring and help you provided is all forgotten. Never mind that you unselfishly gave shelter, food and money to lend a helping hand. The fact that you now express a need to focus on yourself is deplorable.The more you do for a person, the more is expected of you.

So sad that once you stand up for yourself, you are no longer loved. Well, it is obvious that people only care about themselves. As long as their boat is not rocked, they are content. Their happiness is all that matters. How dare you inconvenience them.

FAMILY, it seems, has the right to expect the world from you, and not give a damn about your needs. It is ok for them to infiltrate and you better not voice concern or express a need for your peace. If you do, you are scum. You’ve now made them uncomfortable. Never mind that you have been uncomfortable with added expenses and raucous.

Enough already. Praying for safety and well being for family.

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11 Nov, 2019
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