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Fan Tactics
Fan Tactics

Fan Tactics


Encounter with the known, fan has always been a fan. No one knows or either aware the fan has crowd. With the await of the fan at a autograph signing. He nears to the one is spoken of. How does that happen without no one knowning, As he follows the victim at his pace. No one is secretly enough to get away with it, answers. So no one is just going to have to go away. At the price he has to leave her away. But she will see the end of what has started.

Fan O' Fan what memorigraphic treasures of yours, which leads others to think of otherwise. When there is no one, where will you be, who can you trust, at any given moment you would rather forget your alive sometime. Seen of your fan brilliancy you are top knocked off. When does seduction turn to obsession.

It is either all these letters in reply of my fan manners. No one is out to get me as i drown these letters away. Such a description to prove I'll always stand next to you

I look until next time, she always seems to remember what is said to her. I will never forget her, she was like, she was always pretending to know what she wanted. The day she went away was the last time. Each time a confession held to believe the innocence she will hold when she is gone. Last time she didn't know or something wasn't okay.

To breath, was a lifeless deal, how would she know to breath or the difference of being hungry. Life is always charming the charm does not become. Unless no one takes the truth to be the fan.

A autograph is more than the picture.

Author Notes: being a great person can lead to someone else's imaginary beliefs about who they are.

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15 Oct, 2018
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1 min
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