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Far Away
Far Away

Far Away


There was once a man. He lived by a beautiful lake. One day as he was going for his daily walk, he saw a girl playing on the shores.

"Hello, mister!" she said cheerfully to him. The man just continued to walk on, annoyed by the little girl, whom he thought was a brat. Everyday on, he saw her there, and she would greet him, but he would just continue to walk, until one day he said to her:

"Leave me alone, child!" She just stared at him.

The next day as he walked, he did not find the little girl, only a note. The note said: I'm sorry sir for bothering you.

He felt bad, and rushed to her house. As he was running there, he realized that he looked forward each day, to hearing her happy voice, for he had no one to be with him. He was lonely.

When he got there, he asked the woman who answered the door, where was the little girl? As he looked into her eyes, she saw they were red, and teary too.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I'm sorry. She had cancer and died," she said tearfully.

He just stared at her. Surely she couldn't have left this world. She was to cheerful, and God could not have been cruel to her. But he knew she was gone forever, far away, in Heaven perhaps.

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24 Jan, 2017
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1 min
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