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Fart away

Fart away

By numan

my wife always told me to be carefull on what advice i gave my kids. but i always ignored her and would blutter anything to soothe my three boys whenever they were upset. Now i know what she meant

we were all watching a movie at home one saturday night, when my youngest boy ,Abi, aged 4 farted. His two brothers instantly exploded into laughter, This upset the little guy so much he started crying.

his mom tried to calm him down in vain. Eventually i was fed up with the crying and i called Abi to me. As usually, i managed to clam him down after telling him farting is not a sin or a cause to cry. I further told him everyone has a butt and as long as one has a butt he will definitely end up farting eventually. All we have to do is wait for one of his brothers to fart so we can laugh at them in return. My advise pleased the little guy and we continued watching our movie in peace. All was forgotten untill the next week when my Inlaws visited us for supper on friday night.

we dinned well and later relaxed on the lounge with our coffe. I was chatting with my mom in law when she suddenly burped and excused herself. Little Abi must have mistaken it for a fart.

" Grandma, dont be Shy," He said, "you shouldnt be shy because you have a Butt" dad says its not a sin to have butts. everyone has a butt, you know."

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13 May, 2013
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